RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Delicious and Nutritious Bowls

Put it in a bowl!
Publish date:
January 27, 2016
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Hello my little kumquats, and welcome back to another rich and decadent installment of Recipe of the Week. Last week we were munching on what are perhaps the best sandwiches of all time: breakfast sandwiches.

The winning recipe from Molly Sanchez was, shall we say, a little "out there," which I am, shall we say, "a big fan of."

Take two eggo waffles and toast until the little squares have frames burned onto most of them. Fry an egg to crispy white/runny yolk goodness. Bake some bacon until crispy but a little chewy. Then spread crunch peanut butter on one waffle and butter on the other. Put bacon slice on peanut butter side. Place egg on top and then top with the buttered waffle. Slice and enjoy while watching Star Trek TOS and drinking coffee.

I love every little bit of this, right down to the television recommendation. I'll admit that the peanut butter/egg combination gave me pause for just the merest of moments, and then I remembered Pad Thai, and how I love a runny egg on Pad Thai.

The bacon I bought ended up being really thick, so it was almost like straight up pork belly, but I'm not complaining. I don't actually know how this didn't read as "too rich," because all of the ingredients are just that: super friggin' rich.

Somehow though, it all worked. I think the saltiness of the bacon helped cut through the unctuous peanut butter and runny yolk; I ate the whole thing without an issue.

Angie was pretty into it too.

Molly Sanchez certainly deserves a trophy, and that trophy is "Babe, You Turn Me On," by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, because this sandwich is a little bit sexy.

And now we must move on. Bowls of food are pretty #trendy right now, and I'm not against this particular trend. Though I'm not a huge fan of acai bowls (I don't care for acai), I like a smoothie bowl. I'm also a fan of a burrito bowl.

Breakfast bowls are also pretty bomb, and this one from Sqirl is the bombest.

For those of you that need details, that is a Sorrel Pesto Rice bowl with "Kokuko Rose Brown Rice, Sorrel Pesto, Preserved Meyer Lemon, Lacto-Fermented Hot Sauce, Radish, French Sheep Feta, Poached Egg." I don't know about you, but the phrase "lacto-fermented" gets my juices flowing.

So, that's the topic, bowls. The main requirement here is obviously that the food has to be in a bowl, but I like my bowls to be fairly balanced. An ideal bowl, in my humble opinion, should have some sort of grain, a protein, a couple of veggies, and something salty and special, like feta cheese, candied nuts, or even bacon. I also think there should be some sort of dressing tying it all together, but that "dressing" can be as simple as a healthy squeeze of lime or a glug of good olive oil. Of course, if you're making a smoothie bowl, these rules kind of go out the window, so feel free to get creative.

If you need inspiration, Epicurious has a great guide to building a breakfast bowl. Just don't give me cold cereal with milk and call it a bowl. (That will win you the Smart Ass Award, but not Recipe of the Week.)