Let's Talk Web Comics

I like to support indie comics when I can.
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November 15, 2014
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The other day, trying to distract myself from anticipatory panic, I read the whole backlog of my current favorite web comic. It was great to sit and focus on the whole story and enjoy the individual arcs instead of just checking in every week to see one or two new strips at a time.

A friend of mine told me about the strip, which I think will appeal to anyone who loves superheroes -- it's called JL8: A Webcomic. I actually read it here, though, because the format works better for me.

Things I love about the comic:

  • It looks like an old newspaper comic.
  • Little kid versions of the Justice League, I mean, really.
  • It has a ton of inside jokes for comics lovers in general.
  • It's actually super heartwarming during some moments.

Because my attention span is a little bit hinky, sometimes I am really bad at web comics. My friend Jackie told me about this one, though, and I was super hooked from her description alone. I regularly check the comic -- and what I really wish is that it were available in a print collection because I'd totally buy that and have a great time reading it.

The guy who created JL8 is named Yale Stewart -- I don't know anything about him other than what is on his About The Author page. But he sounds, even from that brief description, like most of the other people I have known who are creators of independent comics creators -- they are super hard working and creative, so I like to support them when I can.

What web comics do you love? Link me up, y'all, and give me something to download and read if I find myself with connectivity -- there's no way I'll be able to completely skip town and not check in on you all!

I want to know what you love reading -- but I also totally want to know if you're a web comic creator. Or an indie comic creator of any kind. Do you make comic books? Oh, man, if you make comic books, we should all talk because I know a bunch of us in the xoJane community love to read comic books.

As S.P. Wayne mentioned last week, representation is important so if you've got an indie comic that isn't about white dudes, I would especially like you to recommend the heck out of it to us right now. This post is no Comic Con (alas), but maybe we should pretend it's a little vendor's room for comics. What do you think?

Please do keep in mind that I won't be around as much; if there are issues in the comments, flag them and keep our comment policy in mind. You are awesome.

And now, welcome to your weekend!