LESLEY'S LIST: Five Toothsome Curiosities for a Congenial Friday

Enjoy my disdain for the word "nugget" and a sudden need to use hole-based metaphors for everything.
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May 4, 2012
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Hey, it's that day where I tell you all the silly little things I've been obsessing over this week! Woo!

On second thought, nobody should buy these, they are terrible.


You could do pretty much anything to edamame and I would devour it. I’ll eat it all on its own, I’ll eat it in stuff, I will eat them in a house, I will eat them with a mouse, I will eat them in a box, I will eat them with a fox.

You get the idea.

I sometimes develop weird little fixations with specific foods, in which I eat loads of a thing over a short period of time, after which point I lose interest entirely. Basically like every eight year old who’s ever lived. In April I was weirdly obsessed with plums. At present it’s edamame. I hear it’s good for me, but who wants to spoil the pleasure of eating it with THAT information?

The Kitchn has a super-easy recipe for roasted edamame -- did you know you could roast it, like chickpeas? also have you had roasted chickpeas, because they are awesome? -- that is delicious. Even if you hate and fear cooking you can do this.

Also, Trader Joe’s is currently stocking these tofu edamame “nuggets.” I say "currently" because anyone who shops at Trader Joe’s regularly knows that the moment you fall in love with something, they will discontinue it. I put "nuggets" in quotation marks because if I’m honest, I am slightly skeeved by the word “nugget” as applied to food, unless of course it has a “mc” in front of it.

REGARDLESS: these edamame parcels of flavor are one of the tastiest quick foods I have eaten in about a million years. Now excuse me because I have to drive to Trader Joe’s and buy out their whole stock before they stop making them.

Hole not pictured.

Erin Morgenstern’s "The Night Circus"

I seem to have developed a habit of reviewing books I’m only halfway through. Let’s pretend this approach has some kind of conceptual merit and not that I merely hate waiting to talk about the things I’m reading until I’m done.

The Night Circus is like falling into a hole. No, stay with me, this metaphor works. It is as near to the sensation of hole-falling as a book is likely to get. I don’t mean a small hole, where you just slightly twist your ankle and feel embarrassed. I mean a big deep dark hole of... deep deep darkness.

(Apologies to all the wonderful people who always tell me what I good writer I am. NOT ON FRIDAYS.)

The hole, by the way, is filled with characters. Like a BILLION of them. And as you fall, you’re all, hey, whoa, that guy looks interesting! But you’re still falling so you can’t look too closely. And then you see an interesting little exchange happening and you think, oh neat, I want to hear more about that! But you can’t BECAUSE YOU’RE STILL FALLING. And you keep falling, and eventually you think, wait, didn’t I have something to do today? What, it’s THURSDAY? I started falling on SUNDAY. WHAT HAPPENED?

This is not necessarily a criticism. As we have seen with my take on "The Hunger Games," different things appeal to different people.

The cover jacket will tell you that "The Night Circus" is about two young magicians engaged in a duel to the death, who happen to fall in love. This is probably to make it sound good to the Harry Potter/Twilight/Hunger Games YA crowd. I have yet to really get a sense of the danger and tension that summary suggests, but there is a lovely vast fairytale world and a bunch of enigmatic characters to fascinate and confuse.

Seriously, if you don’t like holes, painstaking description, or enigmatic smiles, give this a pass. If you like these things, as I do, then I would suggest giving "The Night Circus" a shot.


Eos Lip Balm

No, really, what is this shit? It’s lip balm in a little egg-looking thing, and the balm itself is a big bulbous knob you rub on your mouth. Why is it that companies can make even the most mundane crap seem semi-futuristic and I will devour it like a product-starved junkyard dog?

The best part about Eos lip stuff is that it really does lack the gross chemical feel of your standard Carmex. The second best part is that, unlike almost every other lip balm in the world, there’s no little hole in the middle for the bit that lets you twist it up in the tube -- because there’s no tube, or twisting -- so that little hole can’t get, like, gunk in it. I swear I throw away a ridiculous amount of perfectly good lip balm because of hole-gunk. I see that stuff and can’t deal.

(Why is this suddenly a post about holes?)

So yeah. It’s minimalist lip balm, with no moving parts. In an egg. And I can’t stop buying it.

I'll admit I have a strange sense of humor.

Yo, Is This Racist?

If you are a person who is AT ALL sensitive about having your race issues called out, you will HATE this Tumblr. I mean, after all, its very title asks "Yo, is this racist?" And yet, I am inclined to think you ought to read it anyway.

The smart gentleman who runs the joint takes questions from his audience on whether things are racist, and dispenses judgment with a blunt force wit that is frankly hilarious.

In a constructive sense, if you’re trying to improve your sense of when something is problematic, I really do think Yo Is This Racist is a good place to start, specifically because it presents an opportunity to read other people’s absurd questions (or ask your own) and thereby to develop some critical thinking skills about things you may have taken for granted as innocuous.

Also read it because it’s wicked funny. I laugh until I am lightheaded every time I look at it.

Scissor Sisters, "Only the Horses"

Queer glambot superheroes Scissor Sisters have a new album -- “Magic Hour” -- coming out at the end of this month, but until then you can fill the scissor-shaped hole with the first single, “Only the Horses,” which is just as epically danceable as anything you’d expect from these loveable little nightclub scamps.

So what are you guys into this week?