IMPORTANT WEEKEND QUESTION: Do You Care About Dudes Leaving the Toilet Seat Up?

Publish date:
March 15, 2015
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OK, so I know this is one of those cliched women's topics equivalent to the Cathy comic collection entitled "Shoes: Chocolate for the Feet." That is totally real, btw:

But now that I'm a single lady, I've had the occasional gentleman caller who has committed this cliche dude faux pas. The small man who lives in my house is also successfully potty-trained and has started to commit his own occasional toilet seat infractions. Conventional wisdom has it that the dudes in our lives are definitely supposed to replace the toilet in the down position, but is it really fair?

I once dated a guy who argued that since one person needs the seat up and the other person needs the seat down, it's unfair, nay, sexist!, for women to insist on down as the default position. The truly egalitarian relationship would have no toilet seat rules.

I do think the argument is complicated by the risk we women face of falling into the toilet when the seat is left up and consequently having to live there and possibly date a C.H.U.D. The ex countered by wondering who the hell sits down without looking, to which I responded that this most often happens at night when it's dark. Nothing like dipping your butt in chilly toilet water to snap you out of that drowsy midnight bathroom stumble state.

Please settle this debate: Do you care about dudes leaving the toilet seat up? Or have we progressed into a democratic future where each sex is just as entitled to their own toilet preferences? Also, have you ever fallen into the toilet and how much did it suck?