Lazy Sunday Corgi Column

Ask and ye shall receive -- Spondee's back. Did you miss him?
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August 23, 2015
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Partially because my weekend has been full of plying house guests with elderberry liqueur and cheese plates and I am, therefore, exhausted, and partially because you have been rattling the walls of Disqus with requests for his foxy little face, I've got some Spondee pictures for you.

If you're so inclined, share some pup-pics in the comments section and let's get our Sunday squee on. If not, you probably have a Grinch heart. Let's get to some corgi pictures framed in tableaus of "Things You Might Not Know (People Magazine Style)" About The Bean:

1) Spondee Is Hella Sneaky

He's not supposed to go on the bed. This is STRICTLY ENFORCED and yet...

He thinks he can lick my face and I won't notice that he's on the bed...

2) Spondee Travels Well (And Sometimes Looks Like a Pixar Character)

As Jane so astutely pointed out on Instagram, Spondee's giant head and absurdly happy face make him look like he should be smack in the middle of a heartwarming, digitally rendered feature film for children:

He's very good on car rides, but they do tire him out considerably, resulting in serious snuggle time when we reach our destination:

3) Spondee's Butt Is Better Than His Personality

I really don't need to explain this one do I? Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

I rest my case, your honor.

4) Spondee Has Baby Fever

The things he endures from small children on the sidewalk -- being stepped on, having his ears pulled, having his fur pants pulled -- far exceed what he would allow me or his dad to do.

He looks into strollers and rolls onto his back for sticky toddlers and shrieking pre-schoolers. Spondee has baby fever and he's got it real bad:

5) Spondee is a Chatterbox

I'm rounding this Corgi Column off with some videos of Spondee being talkative. He is very talkative, but only when he feels like it and usually when he's misbehaving (although in his defense, to tell him not to bunny kick is a sure way to incite more bunny kicking):

Woof Whispers:


Share your nuanced naughty beans with each other in the comments. You know you want to.