Man Creates Tiny Jurassic Park for His Tortoise, Greatly Improves My Week

I firmly believe that animal pics and videos are some of the most important things on the internet.
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May 5, 2016
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A man named Oliver Turpin has made a Jurassic Park replica for his tortoise, greatly improving the tortoise's quality of life, as well as mine.

Let's be real, sometimes the work week is just too much, and emergency animal videos and pictures are required. This video certainly does the trick. Not only is the enclosure awesome, and the grass-chomping tortoise oddly mesmerizing, but the John Williams soundtrack is soothing and nostalgic and provides a perfect little break from this thing called "life."

It's kind of a cliche, but I firmly believe that animal pics and videos are some of the most important things on the internet. The World Wide Web can be an overwhelming place, and it's nice to have shelter from the storm by way of adorable animals doing adorable things. Below are a few of my favorite joyful animal moments for when I need a cuteness break.

This Sleepy Hedgehog (@kazu_p on Instagram)

This hedgehog is seems to have a permanent "2:30 feeling," and it is very cute.

Loki the Corgi

"NOTICE ME!" - Loki

A video posted by Loki the Corgi 🍁 (@lokistagram) on

I follow a lot of corgi Instagram accounts, and Loki is my favorite. This is perhaps the most expressive dog I've ever seen, and I'm continually impressed by his owner's ability to get him to pose, prance, and not eat his hamster friend.

When you watch a romantic movie alone 😐

A video posted by Loki the Corgi 🍁 (@lokistagram) on

This Dog That Can't Catch Anything

A friend posted this on my Facebook with the caption "This dog reminds me of you somehow?" and I was like "Yup. Accurate."

This Mustachioed Law Enforcement Officer and His New Pawtner

This picture is just too much. According to Buzzfeed, The kitten, who goes by "Squirt," was found by some law enforcement officers under a dumpster and then given to Garrett (that's the dude with the mustache) who took her home to his cat Toothless, who had given birth to a litter of her own just four weeks ago. Squirt is apparently getting along just fine with her new furry family.

Whatever the Heck is Going on Here

As they say on the internet, "there's a lot to unpack here." Firstly, there's just a bunch of crazy kittens crawling all over a pony, and I have a few questions like "Who put them there?" and "Is that pony sick?" Also, "what is going on with the capybara?"

This Fine Young Man Hugging a Chicken

I don't think I have ever been embraced as lovingly or tenderly as this boy is embracing this chicken, and I'm okay with that. It's just nice to know that love is real.

Dog of Wisdom

Okay, this isn't a real dog, and it may be the dumbest video ever made, but it may also be the best video ever made. I think I first saw this gem when our very own Hannah shared it on Facebook, and my life was forever changed.

Finally, there's this adorable creature:

Not thrilled

A photo posted by Claire Lower (@clairelizlower) on

Lucky for me, I don't have to look at my phone to get this dose of cuteness, as she is my very own. (Unlucky for me, she snores quite loudly.)


A photo posted by Claire Lower (@clairelizlower) on

How do you get your cuteness fix? What are your favorite animal Instagram accounts? Have you ever had a hug as good as that chicken hug?