Inappropriate At The Office: Nipple Edition!

Corynne is trying to make me cover up and Jane's not having it.
Publish date:
May 9, 2012
Nipples, change clothes, overheard at the office

Shopping while under the influence, we've all been there right? Friday night I stopped by my apartment after a few drinks and before long I had filled up a cart on and hit "purchase." Today the evidence arrived at work and it turns out beer goggles work on pants too, not just people. Oversized, distressed and bleached, my ambitious new denim attempts to reflect as many spring trends as possible.

Denim fail

Let's just say Genuine would never want to get up in those jeans. I took the questionable gear into Corynne's office, a space that has always served as the xoJane fashion closet, to see if I could find a shirt. Madeline joined me, offering up some sort of workout Barbie tank top.

Madeline tries to help

Naturally Corynne documented the whole thing, but what I didn't know was that she would later forward the pictures to Jane Pratt. Apparently my nipples were showing and I was "suffocating" her in her office. Corynne reported that Madeline and I were being inappropriate at the office. Apparently not inappropriate enough for Jane.

Let them go topless if they want. Who cares? As long as they are happy and comfortable and being productive it's all good. If it distracts other people, that's their problem.

Amen to that.