I'd Really Like to Sleep in a Lighthouse; What's the Weirdest Place You Want to Stay Overnight?

I've always liked a big, round room.
Publish date:
January 11, 2015
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I will begin by saying that I have no idea where this lighthouse obsession came from. I don't collect lighthouse figurines or have a romanticized view of the history of lighthouse keepery or whatever. By and large, it seems like it was a tough gig.

But there's something about the lighthouse that has been turned into a place to stay overnight that has captured all of my "I want to stay there" urges, the ones that are usually reserved for cute beach cottages that may or may not be historical for some reason. Maybe it's that I finally realized my vacation style (lazy, as much as possible) or maybe it's that I've finally come to enjoy some form of solitude. Maybe it's that I just really like the idea of staying in a round room.

That's probably likely, honestly. I've always liked a big, round room.

At least I am not alone in this. There's a bunch of people who are into lighthouses, some of which have been turned into excruciatingly beautiful (and expensive) venues. I like to browse this site and check out lighthouses by geographic area and plan imaginary long weekend getaways.

Okay, maybe I am developing a thing for lighthouses because it's also really just fun and interesting to read the sites and learn about the history of each place. Or check out pictures, particularly for the ones at which it's totally impractical for me to even dream of staying; even when lighthouses offer affordable accommodations, they often don't offer much in the way of electricity or running water. And some of them are a real hard time to access.

Second only to the lighthouse thing is scoping out international rentals on VRBO and AirBnB. The escapist element of this is a lot more clear; the listings for the best rentals usually include pics of the locale as well, which supports taking a little half hour dreaming vacation.

There are far more unique places to stay, too. I mean, what about that ice hotel in Sweden? And there's Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo if you're coming to Florida. But I suspect you've got your own fantasy overnight accommodations, so this is the part where you talk about them in the comments.

And have you ever actually gone through with it and stayed at your dream hotel? I've got my eye on one northern lighthouse in particular but the winter weather does complicate that situation. If you've lived the dream, how did it measure up? Was it everything you'd hoped? Let us know.