I went to Menver!

If your holiday requirements include 'drink beer' and 'meet lots of hot men,' then you're in luck...
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June 14, 2012
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Denver merchandise!

Looking for a holiday that ticks the 'Fun Things To See and Do' boxes and also meets your 'Packed To Bursting with Fit Men' requirements? May I suggest Denver. It's known as the Mile High City, which really helps with those hot (but frankly impossible) plane sex fantasies but is actually because it's exactly a mile above sea level. It's also known as 'Menver', as it's quite the lady-magnet, thanks to its high male population. voted it one of the top ten city for singles and according to the Daily Beast it's America's fittest city. So obviously, I went..

BALLS:American sports aren't like British ones. The guys who play them are about a million foot tall, have bodies like Greek gods and don't seem to spend their entire time in the tabloids being kind of disgusting. The fans can be pretty tasty too. Denver has seven professional sports teams, so chances are you'll be able to go to a game any night. Like em crazy-tall? Try the Rockies for baseball or the Broncos for full-on pads and helmet-style American football. My tip? Hockey attracts a kind of chisel-jawed type, and there's actual fighting on ice. It is hilarious. Pop along to an Avalanche ice duel and politely ask what a 'shutout' is. They like to explain. And hear British accents. Score: you.

More than 200 different beers are brewed in Denver every day. That's a lot of drunk men.

BEERS: Denver is the USA's craft-brewing capitol. More than 200 different beers are brewed in the city every day. Your mission? Find the one you love the best. My favourite? Belgian-style and kind of fruity, please. Take a Brews Cruise tour to get warmed up and meet the locals. Or try joining one of the beer runs - weekly 5K runs which end with free pasta and lots of beer specials. No sign-up needed and it's a brilliant way to meet people.

BIKES: One of the USA's most cycle-friendly cities, Denver has a bike-share scheme and more bike rentals, bike cafes and bike-y hang-outs than you can shake a pump at. The city is made for seeing from the saddle; gorgeous rivers, mountains, cycle lanes and not too much heavy traffic. Bicycle boys tend to be pretty cute, there's something all outdoorsy and unavailable about them. Unless they're into that whole lycra short thing. In which case, avoid. Hop on board for the weekly cruiser rides - healthy and sociable. Likey.

BOOKS:There is nothing cooler than a man who reads. And there's nowhere cooler to meet one than in the Tattered Cover Book Store, one of America's most famous book stores. In a world of Barnes & Noble, the Tattered Cover is a temple to all things literary. Free wifi, a great cafe, events almost every night and some seriously hot nerdy types lurking near the newsstand section. Go. Order a Hamantaschen cookie. Try one of the local Chocolove bars. Ask in your best British accent the way to the travel section. See what happens...