I Want to Remodel My Home in the Style of Justin Timberlake So Maybe We Can Become Best Friends

Everyone knows Justin Timberlake is adorable and a great singer and a great actor. But did you know he has ridic home decor style, too? Here's how to get the look.
Publish date:
September 23, 2012
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I'm not really one for movie star fantasy crushes, and this isn't even something where I want Justin Timberlake to be my boyfriend -- I just want to, like, hang out with him and talk throw pillows.

Amazingly, our sister site Remodelista scored an exclusive interview with the hottest home stylist who is responsible for his to-die-for interior design swag. Her name is Estee Stanley and she's one of those unicorn-like creatures who's an fashion stylist and a home decor magical wizard who's whispering into not only the style-obsessed ear of Timberlake but also giving advice to everyone's favorite Olsen (or mine at least) Ashley. I've also just received word that Estee threw an engagement party for JT and Jessica Biel at her home a few weeks ago.

Anyway. Think: very comfortable and livable but also subtly sexy and chic. Zero kitsch. Can you imagine? That would be like the anti-Timberlake.

Essentially, I want to copy everything she's ever done. Because obviously this would be a foolproof plan to score JT as my BFF -- not my bestie. (HOLY BALLS I HATE THE WORD "BESTIE".)

Keep in mind I don't want to hire Estee. I just want to gank her style.

If you recall, I am a wee teensy bit OCD about my room. In my defense, my sleep space is really cute and pleasant, what with my state-of-the-art humidifer, white-noise machine, fabric wallpaper and nag champa is always burning. Sadly, I can't be as controlling regarding the decor in my entire home because I don't have enough money for that yet (roommates), so I have to let go a bit when it comes to shared spaces like the living room, bathroom and kitchen. One day, I will have a whole home (in New York this means a studio divided into "rooms" with bookcases) to make my own. And when I do, I hope it feels something like Estee Stanley's Hancock Park house in Los Angeles. And when I do? JT is totally going to come over to hang, make kale chips and talk deleted scenes in "Bad Teacher."

Estee, who calls Justin Timberlake "the brother I never had" is a stylist and interior decorator. She works with Timberlake on HomeMint, one of the latest social commerce clubs from BeachMint where celebs curate a collection of products and then consumers get one piece a month based on personal style preferences. You must read the entire piece over on Remodelista with the mouth-watering tour of Estee's home and eye-popping photos. See below for the ones that inspire me most (and are sure to inspire JT, too, when we grab a kombucha on draft and talk the pros and cons of SoulCycle).

Pitter-patter goes my heart at the vintage overdyed nuLoom pillow pictured and available on HomeMint.

As Estee says: "I never want my clients to spend money on something they're not going to love in 10 years... I want everything to be sexy and comfortable." Awesomely, this makes for a style that isn't overly trendy or chilly, and looking at Estee's home, I do believe she actually lives there. (Versus some celebrities who have a million homes but you totally know they never ever visit.)

So are you also feeling inspired to make dramatic decor changes after seeing Estee's home? AND, Olivia and I always debate this, but I love white holiday lights year-round in the home and she hates them. For or against? Lastly, do you think JT will completely want to start hanging out with me once he reads this and sees how fun I am and follows me on Twitter (PS you should too:@madelinelou).