I Really Need A Place To Stay At SXSW!
Publish date:
February 6, 2014
sxsw, getting help

So you guys know that Jane is doing a totally awesome panel at SXSW. There are all of these fantastic people on the panel who are going to say all of these amazing things on interesting topics. And since I’m always down for a free trip anywhere, I thought I could parlay this into a little xoJane sponsored adventure.

That's what is cool about having a new boss: They're usually really overwhelmed and don’t really know the rules yet. So when I slithered into Rebecca’s office to pitch Olivia Does Austin as though “This is what we always do,” she was totally on board.

Give me that corporate Jane Pratt plastic because I’m coming to Texas.

So, I bought a ticket and I am just so YOLO right now. Funny thing though, because the marketing team was not 100 percent informed about my trip they are sponsoring, they couldn't book me a hotel in time. Minor snag in my plan. Like, not a huge snag though because YOU GUYS EXIST. So here is my proposal:

I’ll be in Austin from March 7th to March 11th and I’m asking an xoJane reader that lives in Austin to please open your heart and your home to me for those days. I’m clean and respectful! I promise I won’t ruin anything! Really though, this is not a joke, I need a place to stay. Or else I may have to do some really unsavory stuff...

This is you:

Not a serial killer.


Have a bedroom situation so I can have some privacy.

Live near (preferably walking distance) the convention.

Be willing to maybe drive me around if you don’t live within the convention area. I can pay for gas.

It would be really cool if you had a dog or a small child I could hang out with.

You need to be OK with giving me a set of keys so I can also have a bit of freedom.

This is me:

SO fun.

Able to get you and a buddy into the xoJane SXSW Party.


Not really a partier but likes her freedom so give me a set of keys.

I will go shopping with you and write about it if you want because as a fashion writer it’s still RESEARCH.

I’ll make you famous and put you on xoJane as my special Texas Angel

I will probably not be hanging around your house much during the day because I’ll be talking to people about their clothes and hitting on nerds. I will need a comfortable place to stay at night that I can come home to and store all of my clothes.

If you have like a pool house, guest house, extra wing or a room with (or without) walls in your house that I could occupy that would be neat.

Also, we (Say Media) can give you money. I seriously want to meet you but I understand that beds in Austin during SXSW are not cheap and I’m not trying to get any freebies. (JK, always looking for freebies.)

Oh, the one catch is that Jane Pratt said that she wants to come over one morning and you have to make her pancakes or something.

Here is what you need to do: Send me an email with a little bit about yourself and what your home would be like for a weekend. It would also be helpful to know where you live and what your transportation situation is, aka whether or not you can drive me around that weekend. Also, pictures of where I’d be staying and what is in your fridge and whatever else you want to show me that is cool. Please put SXSW HOME in the subject line. My E-mail address is, please don't abuse it.

Don’t you want to hang with me? I’m really nice I swear! It’ll be an adventure!