I'm Not Getting Married Any Time Soon, But I Love Helping Other People Plan Their Weddings

I'm afraid that, once I plan a wedding for myself, the thrill will be gone.
Publish date:
September 27, 2016
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I may be fitting the stereotype of women going completely gaga over weddings, but my love for weddings has nothing to do with the glitz and glam of it all — it's the thrill of planning them. Sure, I love attending them, but I like the whole process of putting it all together.

I'm not a professional wedding planner, but as an incredibly organized and detail-oriented person, I find joy in helping others with planning their weddings. I'm no expert — I don't have special certifications or qualifications, but I have quite a bit of experience working countless wedding events in regard to catering. In doing so, I have had the behind-the-scenes view of how weddings are from start to finish – from the decorations to the ceremony to the reception.

Once one of my friends gets engaged, I'm the first to lend a hand in the planning of it all. What do you need help with? Is there anything I can do?

The first thing that comes to mind is budget. Are we going with something small and intimate, or large and glamorous? How many guests are we talking? Is it a destination wedding? Will it be fully catered or potluck?There are so many things to think about after that. The venue is also very important, but then you have all the other things to consider. You've got the guest list and invitations, color scheme and decorations, music, photography, and flowers.

Another important aspect is the food. You never want a hungry guest (or a thirsty one, for that matter). I saw that firsthand once at a wedding where the ceremony was in the late afternoon, right around dinnertime. It was beautiful, and it was held outdoors right in the beginning of summer when it was not quite as humid. The bride and groom were stunning and full of so much joy. But after the ceremony, when guests walked a few feet over to where the reception was, there was next to nothing to eat there! The only thing on display was the wedding cake and a bar for drinks. Oddly enough, a wedding planner and an assistant were hired for this wedding, but no caterer.

There's also the wedding attire. For men, a standard tuxedo or suit is the norm, but for women, there are often bridesmaid dresses and a wedding gown (or sari, kimono or other traditional type of wedding attire) to consider. For most, the wedding is all about the bride and her dress is what makes the biggest statement. The bride is the one that makes not just a fashion statement, but an overall "wow" factor to everyone in attendance, and I love helping people in the process of choosing how they'll do that.

I could go on and on about planning, but I won't bore you with all those details. However, I can tell you why I've never planned a wedding of my own yet. Even though I've been to quite a few weddings and worked a large handful, I'm personally in no rush to have my own wedding anytime soon.I'm not ready to give up the adrenaline rush of planning for one of the most important days of my life. As I mentioned, I love the details that come with putting the whole wedding together, and once I do that for myself, the thrill is gone. The daydreaming is gone when the event is over.Think about it like this: Did you ever have a dream car? You know, the one you've always wanted and would love to have one day if you had the money for it? When I was in high school, my dream car was a Mitsubishi Eclipse. I loved that car, learned everything I could about it, daydreamed about driving one someday, and I always had it in the back of my mind that I would save all my pennies and actually have one of my own.The yearning, the wishing, and dreaming — that's what kept me going. If I had actually bought one, the thrill would have disappeared. That's how I feel about my own wedding. I'm not ready to let that feeling go — that nervous excitement and stress that comes along with planning such an important day that, for me, would be once in a lifetime.Will I have a wedding of my own someday? Time will tell. But for now, I'm happy helping someone else plan their fairytale wedding. I'm content with helping make others' dreams come true, and that makes me happy. Seeing the joy on someone's face as they walk down the aisle and smash cake in their spouse's face is a truly satisfying experience. And as long as I'm not planning my own wedding, I'll continue to help others plan theirs.