I LOVE CREATURES! Animal(ish) Accessories Bring Boring Outfits To Life

A pair of googly eyes makes any item 10 times better.
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August 2, 2012
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I love animals so much; it's therefore unsurprising that I covet shoes with eyes and animal-themed jewelry and I'm on a constant quest to break my Hello Kitty addiction.

Despite this, I'd rather not look like I'm wearing a costume. I do try to maintain some level of professionalism in my ensembles. Here is a roundup of my favorite creature stuff out there right now. Pair one or a couple of these things with a simple outfit to take it to the next level.

But first, the not-so-subtle. I was invited to the LA launch party for these Necomimi Brainwave Controlled Cat Ears. I declined the invite and cried a little bit, and they sent me a pair anyway. Here, you can see they're perked up at "High Focus," which makes perfect sense. You see, at the time, I was diligently pinning pictures of hot guys to the xoJane Pinterest "Babe Board."

I want to wear these next Halloween. And I think they're purrfect for anyone who's involved in the furry community (I myself am not). That said, avoid wearing them to a rave or warehouse party, because at just under $100, these high-tech ears might not withstand having beer (or MDMA-spiked water) spilled on them.

"The perfect present for one Miss Madeline Cronin." --Jane Pratt

This clutch is less than $20! And his blue brother is freaking $9.94. On a rainy weekday, these guys would look great with a simple and chic gray sheath dress.

ASOS Googly Eye Clutch, 16.57

Both of these necklaces are pretty tame on their own (and still cute of course) but imagine the possibilities when you wear them both at the same time over a tissue thin t-shirt.

Llama necklace, Madewell $35.00 and Happy Face Pendant, ASOS $6.63

Shoes with eyes. I already have one pair I ordered from ASOS a few months back. Marc by Marc Jacobs also has an excellent crop of mouse flats. I just ordered this pair for drizzly days:

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $67.50

If you're looking for a sturdier mouse flat, these are a good choice. I've inspected them in real life, and they have a very flexible, substantial rubber soles which means you'll be comfy all day. They are definitely worth $200 and will go with anything.

Marc by Marc Jacobs leather mouse flats, $195

Are skulls a creature? I'm going to go with yes. This belt costs only a bit more than a fancy Starbucks drink, covers the neon trend, and is SCENTED. Buy it on; they recommend it for people with "stinky pants." That's you.

Scented Skull Belt, $8.10

I know there are so many more creature-y baubles out there! Tell me about your favorites in the comments or on Twitter @madelinelou