Truth or Dare: Please Help Me With My Writer's Block

I'll do weird stuff for your entertainment!

So, the other day someone in one of the comments that I am too lazy to go find was all like, "Hey, Emily, what happened to all your prolific, life-changing, and brilliantly executed articles lately?" Or at least that's how I remember ala when sitcoms try to do a "Rashomon" thing. She really did say prolific, though.

As Eric once pointed out, I'm "like a robot" when it comes to writing. I have a lot of ideas, and for the most part I can write through whatever kind of stress, fatigue or emotional trauma I may currently be going through. I don't know if it's something inside me (like the circuitboard and wires) or just a honed skill from years of writing stuff on the Internet, but the point is I crank it out. Usually.

Now a lot of people are upset at me for not realizing that my

Say Something Nice on the Internet

movement would be considered by some as a response to the controversy over Daisygate. The truth is, I still don't see the two things as related. I thought I was very clear in my post that I wasn't trying to censor dissent or dialogue. The comments I used as examples of what not to do were stuff like a dude calling feminists whores and people telling me I deserved my rape. And while I didn't anticipate the extreme reaction to Daisy's post, I also didn't think anything of it when it happened. You guys have always spoken up.

So I put up my post about encouraging postivity, which has been part of our mission statement from the beginning, and really didn't realize that the two things -- a post that a lot of people disagreed with in the comments and a post that asked people to say nice things on February 29th -- would seem connected to a lot of folks.

But also ... that post was all I had. Because I have writer's block! I wrote like one post this week! And just like whenever I have a bad feeling, when writer's block infrequently comes along, I always feel like this is just the new reality. Like, "Well, I guess you can't write anymore. You always knew this day would come. Might as well go apply at the sprocket factory, cause you're finished, kid.

Imposter imposter imposter


And look, we clearly need more eyes on posts than mine 5 minutes before they go up (sometimes). We're already in the process of looking for a Managing Editor to help. Lesley and Jane from now on will always see potentially sensitive posts in addition to me. I think it's cool to learn stuff and get better and I also think we as a site and me as a Managing Editor (or Executive Editor which will most likely be my new title) are prooooobaby going to do stuff you don't like again in the future. It's the name of daily publishing. Most of these big scandals happen on the Internet, because unlike in magazines, we don't have weeks to think these things through. We have minutes.

But I promise to keep doing my best, you guys! In fact, I'm in LA in what started as a business trip but morphed into a short but much-needed vacation (you know, like when celebrities go somewhere for exhaustion.)

Iin the meantimes, I need you to

do my job for me

help me bust through this writer's block by giving me your suggestions of good stuff to write about. Specifically, I want you truth or dare me! Give me weird beauty, fashion or sex stuff to try out and I will do it for your entertainment. Or ask me to get real on a topic of your choice. But I'd rather do weird stuff because I think it's more fun for everyone. Some examples might be: Go about your day in 7-inch Lucite stripper heels, do nude yoga, go without my cell phone for a week,

wear a remote control vibrator


try out a pop star look in real life

. You guys are smarter and funnier than me, I'm sure you have good ideas.

Also, I stil really believe in Saying Something Nice on the Internet, so please send me ( your nice comments, photos, videos, etc. to post on February 29th. Love ya'll bitches. xo