I Got My First Gel Manicure; Show Me Your Nails

Also, any former nail biters in the house?
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November 9, 2014
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I am a long practitioner of the DIY manicure, painting my own nails while comforting watching something on Netflix. My collection of nail polishes and nail stickers and nail studs and whatever else can even be a little overwhelming sometimes -- I need a better organization system.

But while all of that works when I know I'll just be repainting my nails in three days anyway, it wasn't going to cut it for being out of town. Nor were bare nails an option -- I keep my nails painted because that was how I learned to stop biting them. I'd rather not reintroduce that temptation.

(Any former nail biters in the house? Have you ever really broken the habit or just distracted yourself from it, however successfully?)

I checked xoJane's tag for gel manicures. And I looked at xoVain's tag as well. (I skipped the eyelash extensions but since I'll be mostly looking at scenery or face down in my laptop, I hope that's forgivable.) And then I found a highly rated local place on Yelp and called to make an appointment.

I wound up at Xclusive Nail Bar, which was way more spa-like than I expected from the name alone -- they also do skin care though gel nails seem very much to be their speciality.

Because I do my own nails, I haven't gotten a proper salon manicure in longer than I can remember. So here is what this experience taught/reminded me:

  • A hand massage is, like, everything.
  • Dudes getting spa pedicures still give me hope.
  • People talking on their cell phone and ignoring the person taking care of them are still the worst.
  • Dark gel colors are difficult to work with but when it's right, it's right.

I chose black polish because it's November and even here in Florida it's pretty grey -- and also it's a classic to me. Shiny black nails with the promise that they won't chip for two to three weeks? I have literally signed up for this.

(And, well, I've never been able to resist rhinestones. We'll see if they stay on -- another customer swore they did, even when she was playing football. And endorsement like that is a big deal.)

So, that's my manicure for the next couple of weeks. It's superstitious but I am hoping that pretty nails will help me type -- not that they'll improve my typing ability so much as looking at them will ease my mind and help me feel inspired.

On that note, I want to see what manicure you are currently sporting. Are you the bare and natural nails type? If yes, I am kind of jealous because my nails have never stood for that. Do you have some fresh nail art to show off?

Are you still practicing nail polish stuff or do you not even care? Let us discuss in the comments.