Wear a Baseball Cap with Everything, Revel in Perfect Skin, Win a StyleMint T-Shirt

"You're not a Kardashian," says Corynne when I wear a baseball cap to the office. Huh?
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July 27, 2012
stylemint, baseball hat, sun protection, t-shirt

xoJane staffers have been up in arms recently -- particularly Corynne -- about my refusal to remove my baseball cap at the office. What if it's religious! OK, it's not, but my commitment to skin protection certainly verges on evangelical at times.

The truth is I've been wearing a hat during the day for a few different reasons, none of which is thinking that my last name is Kardashian. One, it's often really bright outside and sometimes sunscreen isn't enough. And two, as I told you yesterday, I have The Worst Skin in the World and I like to keep it under wraps. Wearing a baseball cap is a win-win. Or completely insane. You decide.

Like I said, I will truly wear a baseball cap with anything. Here's how to recreate my video look:

StyleMint Mason T, $25: Only members of StyleMint have access to this sweet ass t-shirt. I wear mine with the sleeves pushed up over my shoulders for a little gym class flair.

Leather Baseball Cap, $13: Black leather makes nighttime baseball cap wearing a little more acceptable. What? Dudes have been doing it since the beginning of time.

Kenzo Sandals, $245: Ouch, I paid full price for these and now they're on sale. The only thing that helps me sleep at night is knowing you might benefit from the mark down.

Miss Selfridge Skater Skirt, $25: Cheap, easy, seasonless, sold.

Shiseido Sun Protection Liquid Foundation, $30: Hats and sunscreen go together like condoms and the pill. Double safety!

Giveaway time! One lucky reader will win a StyleMint T-shirt of their choice. Simply sign up for StyleMint and tell me the name of your favorite T-shirt and how you would style it in the comments. Love you!

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