How Do You Procrastinate? Plus COTW!

I've been putting things off this week. Though I'd never put off sharing the COTW with you.
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August 24, 2014
procrastination, weekend, cotw

It's been a real terrible couple of weeks for a lot of people for a lot of reasons.

And I admit -- quite frankly -- I've personally been struggling. When I hit this point, I tend to hunker down and focus on my jobs. Things get done but a lot of stuff on my to-do list gets put off.

The crappy thing is that putting stuff off just actually adds to the stress. I wind up doing busy-hands tasks because I don't have the energy and my brain is just plumb out of focus.

Things I have put off this week:

  • Getting bloodwork my psychiatrist wants me to have
  • Sending emails to about a half-dozen people
  • Cleaning up the living room
  • Eating food at almost every meal

Here's what I have done instead: so much laundry. Almost every article of clothing in the house is clean and put away. This is a thing because I really hate putting laundry away.

Also, I have made these things with quilt fabric scraps while worrying:

One placemat -- because two placemats would be too much? I don't even know. I used this pattern and I think when I do make the second one, it'll be better.

(Also, I love those dishes. I bought them here.)

One pincushion -- because I need more of this rose print in my life. I filled this one with calcium sand but you can also use Lizard Litter. The crushed walnut shells keep your pins sharp.

One pair of shoelaces -- because these homemade ones never untie. I like to make these up as I go along.

A couple of lanyards -- because I got tired of using the plain black one from work. I used this pattern. I was going to make her pattern for key fobs but, really, five or ten key fobs are not actually anything I need in my life.

I also went on a discount bedding quest and let my quilt colors influence me. This is IKEA, West Elm clearance, and Ross Dress For Less. (It's an amazing store kind of like Marshalls, if you've got those where you live.)

If this had all been accomplished in a blast of creative energy, I'd have enjoyed all of it. But instead I did these things while being hypercritical of myself and fretting about everything else -- world events and local both.

How do you procrastinate?

While you ponder that, let's admire this fantastic, lovely, happy-making comment by Catie from Emily's post, "2 YEARS AFTER MEETING MY SON, I AM FINALLY, OFFICIALLY HIS LEGAL MOTHER":

So, here's a thing I have noticed: sometimes people come into comments convinced they have hit a point where they need to end their lives. And commenters -- every time -- show up. You show up with links and reassurances and open hearts.

And I so completely appreciate that compassion. Thank you all for that effort no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Please accept this picture of my dog in a shark costume. I am so glad I get to spend the weekend with you all.