The Hot Dog Princess is My Hero and I Want to Be More Like Her

Shout your Royal Hot Dog moments loud and proud!
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June 16, 2016
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By now I think most of you have heard about the Hot Dog Princess, right?

It was "Princess Week" at a little girl named Ainsley's dance class. The other girls went to class in sort of "Disneyesque" princess dresses, and Ainsley decided to go as a hot dog. She was a Hot Dog Princess.

And the Internet freaked out.

Since Ainsley dared to be frank, and do her own thing, I can't get her out of my head. Just today I was talking with a friend about how I need to be more outspoken about doing and saying what I want, instead of being so agreeable all the time.

At heart, I know I'm a Hot Dog Princess. But sometimes I think I need a little more spice in my mustard. (Ew, sorry. Wait...NOT SORRY!)

Sometimes, I just need to remind myself how good it feels to be that person. Simply put, to do what is right for ME, not everyone else. Here are a few times I've tread into Hot Dog Princess territory:

  • The other middle school girls wen to the "Under the Sea" party as mermaids. I went as a Killer Whale. I ate all the Goldfish crackers.
  • I staunchly refused help on my science fair project in elementary school. I made penicillin, AKA molded some cheese. Then I went to the library and read all the books I could handle on mold, Louis Pasteur (it should have been Alexander Fleming?), and bacteria. I then hand drew charts, and hand wrote my "analysis" on poster board. I worked my butt off. On Science Fair Day, my project smelled funky and looked way shabbier than the other kids' projects. BUT I WAS SO PROUD OF WHAT I'D DONE. I still have the Honorable Mention ribbon that all the "underachieving" kids got.
  • I couldn't contain my excitement on grad school graduation day. After the Dean handed me my diploma, I couldn't stand being "polite" anymore. I jumped in the air a la all the cheesy '80s TV show "we did it!" freeze frames, and hopped, skipped, and twirled down the commencement ceremony steps to my seat. My sparkly, red Chucks were an added bonus. That was a moment of the purest joy.

Tell us the "Hot Dog Princess Moments" from your life? Maybe they are yours, maybe you have a Hot Dog Royal in your life that inspires you. Tell us!

Shout your Royal Hot Dog moments loud and proud!