RECIPE OF THE WEEK: It's a Pizza Party!

Pizza transcends all.
Publish date:
November 3, 2015
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Welcome back, me hearties! I'm currently writing this Recipe of the Week from the inside of an airplane, and I must say I feel very "business class," even though I am sitting in coach. (Though, I do have a whole row all to myself which really is "the business.")

Anyway, last week was a lot of fun even though most of you claimed to have never heard of "leftover candy." In fact, the most up-voted comment (coming to us from emerald_bunny) expressed that very sentiment:

Extra candy? Candy that I haven't eaten? Like you mean candy that I had and didn't end up in my mouth?

That's a lot of votes. The most I've seen in recent ROTW history, actually. Such an amount of votes deserves a very special trophy. (I've been saving this one.):

The next most up-voted comment (from Teensyslews) was still not quite what I was looking for, but it's a good plan nonetheless:

Leftover candy recipe: - put in cupboard- pretend like I'll eat it slowly over the next few months - eat it all on the following Friday while drinking wine and watching HTGAWM

The thing I like about this comment is that it's all about lying to yourself, which I've come to view as an important life skill, and not just pertaining to matters of the plate! I lie to myself constantly, and I hum this little tune (which is your trophy, Teensyslews) while doing so:

Finally, we get to a comment I can do something with, and it's all thanks to Miz:

Oh wait! I do have a suggestion! Jolly Rancher vodka! Take vodka, add them Ranchers (separate the flavors) and let them dissolve. It tastes delicious mixed with Sprite! And it's pretty! eta:holy shit there are a lot of exclamation points up there. I had no idea I was so manic about alcohol.

I only had enough plain vodka (supplied by the generous folks at Deep Eddy) to do a couple of flavors, so I went with apple and watermelon, because those seem to be the most popular. I didn't mean to do Christmas colors, but here we are.

I left it overnight, shaking it a couple of times before bed, and in the morning I was greeted with these beautiful babies!

I didn't have any Sprite, but mixed them instead with plain La Croix and -- surprise! -- they tasted just like a Jolly Rancher! If you like Jolly Ranchers (and I do) this is delightful! I actually think it's better than a lot of the flavored vodkas out there. You could mix it with Sprite (or some other soda) but you really don't need to; I found it to be pretty sweet on its own.

Miz deserves a trophy for sure, and that trophy is "She's A Rainbow" by the Stones. (Because pretty colors.)

Next topic! I was pretty sure we had done a pizza-themed Recipe of the Week, but then I realized that was because a pizza recipe had won the week I asked you to give me salad recipes. Obviously no one was mad about that, for it just proves how magical pizza really is; it's able to transcend labels and categories. It can be anything you want it to be: supper, breakfast, sex toy, fashion accessory.

Anyway, since we haven't officially done a pizza-themed ROTW, we should go ahead and get that done. So...get on that.