OPEN THREAD: Hey You -- What's In Your Bag?

Something to talk about other than Valentine's Day.
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February 14, 2014
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I'm a bit of a snoop, but only when given permission. I just really like getting a glimpse into someone's inner world, usually through seeing the products they keep on their shower shelf. I mean, if I use the bathroom at your house I'm gonna look at the products you leave out. I won't go digging through drawers or cupboards though, I've got a line!

I really love seeing what people keep in their bags, though. Whether it's a purse or a backpack or a messenger bag -- whatever -- I think it's very interesting to see what someone chooses to carry around with them on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's a note their friend passed to them in high school 10 years ago, a take-out receipt, or 7 different lip products (cough, that'd be me), the contents of a person's bag are like a tiny map of their brain.

The bag I'm currently using was given to me quite a few Christmases ago by my mom. I'd been wanting a fancy grown-up bag that had a vintage feel to it, and this DKNY one fit the bill perfectly. My mom knows me well! The bag is also a great size for everyday, has tons of pockets and storage, and goes with a lot of different outfits. All around -- awesome.

So I'm here to share with you what's presently inside of my purse, and I encourage you to do the same in the comments. If you're even slightly as much of a bag-voyeur as me, this will prove entertaining. The goods are below. Check 'em out and then return the favour. Let's snoop on each other.

Clockwise from the top left, let's start with the beauty products. I've got a roll-on of Prada's Candy fragrance, Urban Decay's pressed powder, an assortment of favoured lip products from NARS, Urban Decay, Elizabeth Arden, Yes to Grapefruits, Clinique (Chubby Sticks and Almost Lipstick) and Estée Lauder, a mini tin of all-purpose balm from LUSH and a Tweezerman nail file because I can't stand having snaggy nails.

Then there's my wallet from Kate Spade's sister line, Saturday. I'd had my eye on their leather goods for awhile and was really happy to find this wallet in-store last time I was in New York, marked down to $30. I bought it as a Christmas gift for myself as incentive to get my finances organized. So far, so good. (You can buy it here in black.)

Next there's an unused day pass for the Toronto transit system, my passport in a case from H&M (I don't have a driver's license, so this is my I.D.), my sunglasses case and my beaten-up, super-old Ray-Ban Wayfarer IIs, that I bought at a thrift store in high school for $0.99 (I guess I got a deal).

Underneath that is my eyeglasses case, which is weird because I don't wear my glasses outside of the house since they're currently broken (missing an arm, I sat on them one too many times). I suppose the case is there to remind me to replace them. The tin of Chimes Ginger Chews helps with motion sickness, the Trident is for gross breath (cinnamon is the best gum flavour, after clove and teaberry, naturally), and the pink pill is an antihistamine because I'm constantly breaking out in hives. There's also a punch card for a local movie theatre, and a receipt from Magic Pony for an art card (a whopping $2!)

Then, my phone, which usually has earbuds attached to it but they're in the kitchen, and my key pouch, bought at H&M last year. It's got house keys, a Sharpie, a USB, a mini flashlight and a whistle, and the pouch itself is for subway tokens.

And that's it. There's also usually my agenda, bus transfers, TUMS, various pens, bobby pins, facial sprays, Kleenex packets, paycheque envelopes and a tube of hand lotion floating around in there too, but I showed you all that was inside at the moment.

Now show me yours.