Here's what I learnt from xoJane this week...

Gin! Cats! Gin!...and some other stuff
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August 3, 2012

This has precisely nothing to do with today's post, but following Phoebe's swimwear story, I've been increasingly baffled by this year's bikini purchases

Another week, another slew of amazing content from you lovely lot. As ever, you're all an endless source of knowledge and entertainment, which is probably why I spend more time reading the comments on the site than doing anything else.

Erm Jane, if you're reading this THAT'S NOT TRUE AT ALL. Working really hard here...

Anyway, here's what I learnt this week:

That we all LOVE GIN:When Tory gave us her guide to saving money by…spending lots of money – the main topic of conversation on the comments quickly veered away from the economics of being a modern woman and onto the wonders of gin in a tin.

This exchange in particular tickled me:

Alisande: You may have gathered from the amount of exclamation marks in that last comment that I've already imbibed from it this evening. It's very handy x

Tory: Don't worry, I'm pissed too

Alisande: love it. xoJaneUK pissed up Thursdays should totally become a thing.

Tory: Good God yes.

xoJaneUK pissed up Thursdays? Ladies, you’re on…

Robyn’s Hollyoaks recaps can cure anything – including a broken heart

Robyn’s Hollyoaks report always makes me smile, which is why I self-indulgently get her to write loads of them, whilst cracking a whip at her feet and making her dance around as she types.

BUT, it appears I’m not the only one with a penchant for Channel 4 teen soaps:

Topgams: Today involved mostly breaking up with my boyfriend and sobbing in front of the Olympics, and yet the moustache STILL made me crack a smile. Thank you. Now back to the sport/weeping.

We feel your pain Topgams – let me know if you’re still feeling blue next week and I’ll FORCE ROBYN TO RECAP EMMERDALE for you. You’re welcome.

A lot of you are cat ladies BUT THAT’S OK!

Periwinkle Jones wrote about being a crazy cat lady, and boy do you guys love your cats (dogs, ferrets). Even those of you who don’t actually have cats.

Take it away dollface34:

i LOVE cats so muchi wish i had a big enough flat to have one i have an imaginary one called bluebell and a cat corner full of cat pics/ornaments NOT CRAZY

There’s no such thing as a fashion mistake (unless it’s pink on pink)

You were all remarkably comfortable with your past fashion mistakes when Phoebe asked you to fess up, and for that I salute you (I’m nowhere near as cool with the tie-dye kaftan I bought in 1995 in Cornwall and insisted on wearing with everything for three years).

However, I did enjoy the mental image Caitlin McGrane’s best worst ever outfit:

Head-to-toe pink when I was about 12/13. Yes, I was THAT OLD. Pink 3/4 length trousers, pink top, pink cardigan and pink polka-dot shoes. I genuinely feel a bit sick thinking about how I wore that whole outfit to SCHOOL once, and all the boys on my bus laughed at me.

Actually Caitlin, don’t feel bad, re-reading it now, it sort of sounds like the best outfit ever. Stupid boys.

NEXT WEEK! Phoebe will be telling you about everything she learnt from xoJane because I will be on holiday. La la la la la laaaaaa. #smugboast.