Here's what I learnt from xoJane this week

Mainly that I look a bit like Tulisa. Or, more accurately, she looks like me...
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July 13, 2012
here's what I learnt from xoJane, your comments

I know, this is an old picture of me, but I'm in no fit state to take a new one today. AS YOU CAN SEE, NOTHING LIKE TULISA!!!

Yesterday I was musing on how clever and funny and interesting you all are (are you blushing yet?). And I realised that the thing I love most about my job (apart from the opportunity to emotionally blackmail every writer I know into writing about their personal lives), is all the amazing things I learn, and great bits of advice I read in the comments section every day.

So here are just a few of the things I’ve learnt, or bits of advice that I’ve read this week that show just how smart and amazing you all are:

You should always have a running-away fundVeronica’s article about an argument she had with her bloke about money led to a whole slew of comments about the importance of financial independence, including this little gem from Alisande:

Financial independence is the important thing anyone can have. A number of women of our mother's generation were "starved" into staying in abusive relationships because they'd given up work and had no funds with which to leave, and few career prospects if they did. Best advice I ever received as a teenager from a random older woman: always have a running away fund, and keep adding to it. The older you get, the more you'll need.

Conjunctivitis cream cures wrinklesYesterday Phoebe asked you all what moisturisers you use. Spiderpearl’s unconventional solution for wrinkles is the best bit of beauty advice I’ve heard in a long time. Even if it is potentially medically dubious…

I've just had conjunctivitis, and after using the hideous slimy stuff the pharmacist sold me (glamourously called "Infected Eyes") the enormous wrinkle under my left eye has vanished. I presume I can't keep whacking medicated cream under my eyes, but oh, I wish I could.

As the proud owner of some hideous eye wrinkles, I am all over this.

Always remind the teenage girls in your life that it gets better after high schoolWhen yours truly wrote about being an ugly duckling at school who possibly still hasn’t peaked, Aja reminded me that I need to keep repeating this message to my own teenage sister (who, incidentally is rather beautiful, but the point still stands), until she’s a fully-fledged adult.

I love this article because I try and break it down like this to every high school girl I know that struggles. Because that girl was me. No you might not get asked to the dance or have a boyfriend. No you probably won't get invited to the cool parties. But just you wait. Life has big things for you. Your struggles will only make you work harder towards the triumphs. Because your parents didn't buy you whatever brand was cool, you'll develop your own personal style, which others will appreciate later. You'll travel the world, have great adventures and make great friends. And you'll appreciate these things because you had to fight for it. I feel like I'm still in bloom and I'm happy it didn't happen a second earlier.

There are some crazy Keanu Reeves rumours circulating the interweb…and on a lighter note, we chose to Obnoxiously Objectify Keanu Reeves this week, which gave Sarah Woolley to furnish me with the best celebrity rumour I’ve come across in a long time:

Fave celeb rumor: Keanu secretly married David Geffen.

I look a bit like Tulisa if you squint a bit. And finally, the debate about which celebrity I look most like rages. I say rages, it’s come up twice. But the point is, Robyn seems to think I look like Tulisa, which is news to me. I’m. Not. Impressed.

For some reason it always creeps me out when young women refer to themselves as young women.

In other news, I think she looks a bit like a blonde version of you, here, Rebecca.

What have you learnt from xoJane this week? Or even better, any pearls of wisdom you’d like to share with me, RIGHT NOW?