Here’s what I learnt from xoJane this week, Olympics Special!

Wooh! We’re live from (next to) the Olympic park today!
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July 27, 2012
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It's me (sort of) at the Olympics! Writing this!

As I write this (very quickly because my internet connection is about the drop any second….), Phoebe is getting tearful because she they’re playing Chariots of Fire very loudly at the final opening ceremony rehearsal next door.

It also looks like Boris Johnson has had a Justin Bieber-inspired haircut for the occasion, which is exciting.

Anyway, dragging myself laboriously back to the point, here’s what I learnt from YOU this week, because it isn’t all about ME, as much as I would like it to be.

Tory’s sister had a panic attack when she saw Dominic WestPhoebe made today’s Obnoxiously Objectifying Thursday erm...object Dominic West, because she saw him being quite hot and a bit mad at Port Elliot last weekend.

I really didn’t expect anyone to have as strong a reaction to him as Tory’s sister:

‘I love him because he is in one of my favorite films, 28 Days, staring Sandra Bullock. Also, when we saw him in Covent Garden, my sister was so excited she had a panic attack.’

Fair enough.

Jedward ruined the Olympics for Alisande

While I went on about how annoying and inconvenient the Olympics were for ME (incidentally, not that I’m here I’m feeling v. patriotic and a bit jolly about the whole thing. No, I have NO conviction at all, in case you were wondering…), I didn’t realise how bad some people had it.

‘Fucking Jedward woke me up standing outside my house singing and dancing (with a crowd of thousands) on the day it [the Olympic torch] came through Dublin. For that alone I nearly tipped water on it from the bedroom window.’

We feel you, Alisande, we feel you.

Lydia260 has an overprotective ginger kitten called Huey.

On the back of Jennifer’s piece about her time-consuming dog Bolshy, there was lots of pet chat. This was my favourite- I can’t really explain why I loved this so much, I just did.

'I dread to think what Huey the ginger kitten would do to me if we even got another cat, never mind a baby. If he sees my boyfriend and I kiss, he climbs one of our legs and sits between us, staring. He sounds a bit like Bolshy – in the 6 weeks we’ve been together he’s had three kinds of medication and shows no signs of becoming friendlier about letting us put in/on the eye cream/ear drops/medicine.’

Philippa Snow once bought an Elvis mug from a Pound shop

I loved all of your pound shop buys (incidentally, I’m the proud owner of some £1 foundation sponges now thanks Amy!), but Philippa’s Elivs mug was undoubtedly my favourite.

I definitely need to spend more time hanging out in my local Poundland…

‘My best Poundshop buy was a mug with a picture of Elvis on it. It had this really weird candid photo of Vegas-era Elvis on the side, which made me think the manufacturers couldn’t afford the rights to anything better, but the bets part was that when you tipped it back to drink, the bottom said Elvisly Yours.


Phoebe’s fringe rocks, and HAIR MATTERS

Phoebe was worried that banging on at great length about the existential crisis brought on by her fringe dilemma made her a wee bit…self obsessed and shallow.

Not so, as Arewethereyet83 pointed out:

‘You can pull it off either way, but I think you with fringe is pretty awesome. And, in the same way you feel a bit uncomfy with your no-fringe, all those gels cutting fringes in these days who don’t OWN it over the years, will not rock their fringes in the same way you do, so yours will still be the real deal, no?

‘Also; “how can I be thrown into an existential crisis by a haircut?” Quite easily – just think what an aggressive and de-humanising act shaving someone’s head by force is (punks in Thailand, women’s in warzones everywhere…) hair matters.'

Word to that.