Here’s what I learnt from xoJane this week…

Hello everyone, it’s ME and I’m in charge of xoJaneUK while Rebecca’s on her hols! (although clearly if anything important happens I’ll be sending her a bleating text message asking for instructions…)
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August 10, 2012

Could I look any happier to be posing with Wenlock in John Lewis? That's just how I roll...

So after nearly three whole days of holding the fort and managing not to burn down the internet or anything, I get to undertake the most enjoyable task of the week and go through all the hilarious and insightful comments from our dear readers and pick those that have been most instructive to me.

Emily’s 10 Reasons Why… men like bitches inspired some fascinating and candid observations, including:

“Oh see now I usually practise the bitch technique (out of crippling shyness and adherence to the school rules of dating 'WHAT?! I never fancied X - shut up!') and it fails miserably! I always lose out to clingy women who ban their boyfriends from talking to me! Next time I'm trying wild clinginess.” (Squeamish Kate)


“The trick to this (this being hideously destructive relationship) is be a bitch until you have trapped someone and THEN go to wild clinginess. sorted.” (Olivia)

I should have known that you all would love Rebecca’s slightly creepy interview with Jilly Cooper.

Comments like “I LOVE JILLY. I LOVE THAT YOU DO TOO. What's your favourite? Can we have a book club?!???” (Olivia) and “I really want to be in a book club that does Jilly, Jackie Collins, Jennifer Belle, writers like that. Would be so, so good! It should def be one facet of the xoJane book club. We can video ourselves reviewing them wearing outfits inspired by the characters!! (I realise I may be taking this too far now but I totally would)” (Alisande) are pretty indicative of our big collective Cooper crush.

I also picked up a stingy shopper beauty tip on our Cool Women’s Beauty Travelling Companions piece from Jibble which I’m definitely going to try: “Avene Thermal Water Spray, because a £4 mini bottle just feels so decadent and also refreshing.”

And finally, I was incredibly moved by your responses to Alisande’s feature on the lack of abortion rights in Ireland. The compassion and practical suggestions of support for the women who have to travel to England to have abortions in your comments are what makes me so proud of this site and our readers:

"When I had my abortion, every one of the four other women in the recovery room was Irish. It broke my heart thinking about how they would have to make a long journey home and then probably pretend like nothing was wrong once they got there." Topgams

"I think one of the beauties of xojane uk is that it is more localised to my side of the world. I am so fully versed in American struggles because of the websites I go to for news, and know what I can do to show PP support etc, but I'd love to know if an how I can help with anything Irish- you guys are terrifyingly close geographically but so far away. I never stop counting my blessings about my reproductive rights in the UK." Olivia

"Yes, a good idea, also perhaps people opening their homes for a night so the women don't have to stay at a hotel or in hospital before the abortion could be an idea." Jennifer Porrett

Thanks as always for your feedback - we really appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend!