How-To Travel Like A Pro: Light, Focused, & Chic

Beautiful solutions for the easily homesick.
Publish date:
January 31, 2012
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I'm a damn curious and open-minded girl-- I'm up for the weirdest party, rolling with any crowd, trying the most bizarre (pescetarian) dish, etc. So you can imagine that people are surprised to hear that I'm not big on traveling. The truth is, I really get irked out being in unfamiliar surroundings when I come home at the end of the day (or night).

My home is my sanctuary. My bedroom is ridiculously comfortable, pleasing to the eye and very "me." If you ever find yourself there (oooh), you might notice these things:

  • Nag Champa burning
  • Pomegranate Paddywax candles flickering
  • Clean pink linens (top sheet, comforter, quilt, feather beds, mattress pad)
  • White noise machine whirring
  • State of the art humidifer
  • Drawer dividers (underwire, nonunderwire, sexy underwear, nonsexy underwear, etc.)
  • Potted plants
  • Perfect lighting

Now that you know I'm really into cultivating a comfortable, beautiful home (veering towards the crazy end of the spectrum), you might get why I'm not that into traveling. BUT this article in Remodelista's Style Counsel series offers a few solutions to the travel-phobic, borderline-OCD, design freak comme moi!

For photographer/author/design-celeb Heidi Swanson, traveling is an essential part of her job description. She shared some of her packing and organizing for travel secrets with the Remodelista team, here are my favorite parts:

"I'll make a sketch of what I'm going to wear beforehand; I flat-pack my outfits in clear bags from the Container Store with all the air squished out. It makes dressing on the road super easy."

Swanson never checks bags. Ever. "My friend turned me on to a small Tumi Just In Case Tote that slides on the top of the suitcase handles and stays fixed in place. I'll wrap my cameras in a cloth and keep them there. It's fudging the carry-on but I've never been called on it yet."

"I always bring my own food in a DCI Collapsible Lunch Box. These Golden Pot Stickers are a favorite for long-haul journeys as they are full of protein. I also drink plenty of water on a flight, nothing else."

For starters we've got: Travel lightly. Plan outfits ahead. Don't eat crap.

Read the original article on Remodelista. And then let me know what you do to make a home away from home!