Hazy Pop Culture Memory: The Willie Nelson Taco Bell Commercial

I knew I didn't dream this!

You know that thing where you're singing a song, and you just randomly change the lyrics to be about fast food?

Like, "Oh I could hide / neath the wings / of BK chicken fries and onion rings" or "McGriddle Red Corvette." I always wondered why we did that, you and me. (Especially you. Weirder when you do it, for some reason.)

I think it's because of this hazily remembered Taco Bell commercial, in which Willie Nelson struggles through a love song that hinges on a beautiful woman feeding a hitchhiker a steak burrito. Hearing the Redheaded Stranger try to sing the phrase, "And when he tried the steak soft taco / All of the sudden he knew" like it was the most natural thing in the world is an experience that can teach us all a lot about the dangers of tax evasion.

Although I'm sure Willie's money troubles were probably unrelated to this video, which is art.

But real fast: some safety due diligence. Hitchhiking is very dangerous, and you will probably not be picked up by a sexy woman who greets you with a hot bag of tacos. You will probably be murdered! Anyhow, enjoy this life-changing video.