Halloween: The Most Offensive Time of the Year, Part Two

Three words: Fortune cookie hat.
Publish date:
October 5, 2011
racism, halloween, costumes, fortune cookie hat, I am a dour old lady

I know, gross and troubling "sexy" Halloween costumes are as much a part of the holiday as candy and toilet paper. But sometimes I just can't keep quiet about this crap.

We've covered the "funny eating disorder" costume here already. Today we're moving on to racism.

The racism of this may well be in the eye of the beholder, I'll admit. Speaking for myself, I'm troubled by the exhortations to "enjoy" on each boob, the "thank you!" over the crotch, and the "take me out" on the back, which usefully pander to cultural assumptions about Asian women's sexuality as submissive and eager to please.

Also, it comes with a fortune cookie hat. And chopsticks. These traditional stereotypes help to make clear that this is a funny costume and not simply a dreadfully offensive minidress.

I'll admit my sense of humor is not very forgiving when it comes to stuff I perceive as racist. Indeed, my aversion to this costume owes less to my being negatively impacted by it personally than it does my having a number of friends who would lose their freaking minds if they saw some woman out on the town wearing it. Like seriously. You don't want to meet my friends, chinese-takeout-costume-loving people. They will cut you. Consider yourself warned.

What do you all think? Heinous, or charming?