CORGI COLUMN: What Did Your Pet(s) Wear For Halloween?

Set your stun guns to squee. Spondee was a bumble-bean this year.
Publish date:
November 1, 2015
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Sure, maybe this quick little corgi column has a few repeated photos from Corgi Columns and Halloweens of yore, but who cares? Here's Spondee in a Halloween neck tie!

I'm keeping this week's Corgi Column as short and sweet as Spondee's little legs, mostly because I drank a lot of vodka last night and the bean is looking at me forlornly because he needs to go for a walk so I can't sap my strength with writing (because, again, vodka).

If this was really bean-leg-length based, it would only be two and a half inches long (we recently measured him with an IKEA paper tape measure) so, technically, I've already gone over my limit and should get to the part where I ask you to share pet pictures.

Besides, you're not here for me. You're here for the bean.

You're here for the bumble bean.

Now, I implore you to share all manner of man's best friend(s) dressed up in fancy dress. Obviously, pets (willingly!) wearing Halloween costumes would be most thematically appropriate, but I will also accept a range of other creative options. Family photos? Go for it. Random acts of dog weddings? Also applicable.

Before you start, here's one more necktie shot for the road:

Happy Halloween, everyone.

I've basically given up on Instagram outside of posting bean pictures. He's even shed all over my profile picture. You're very welcome.