A Half-Dozen DIY Manicures to Drool Over

I don't believe in resolutions...but I DO plan to spend 2012 trying out as many crazy new DIY manicures as I possibly can. Join me?
Publish date:
December 30, 2011
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Oh, Internet. I get my news from you, I bond with friends, I online shop. But the way you're really coming through for me these days is with all the amazing manicure blogs I subscribe to. So many fun and inspiring looks to check out.

Some of the looks range from extreme and complicated (like the ones over on The Illustrated Nail) to the simple, yet charming (for this I like Little Nails, a blog specifically aimed at girls with shorter nails). There's even a blog called Burgers and Nails, dedicated to snapshots of...burgers and nails! Flickr is also a goldmine of aspirational manicure photography. Here are a few of my favorites!

This sassy number from my friend Margaret was inspired by her love of the TV show Dexter -- she calls it the "Ice Truck Killer" manicure, after the incredibly spooky prosthetic surgeon/serial killer character Brian Moser (alias: Rudy Cooper), who painted his victim's nails with a different color of nail polish on each finger. Somehow, maybe since she just painted the tips, Margaret turned creepy into classy!

I don't know the story behind this manicure from MakeMyDay on Flickr, but I love the color combo -- and a good salmon/coral pink just feels right for 2012. That li'l triangle shape kills me. Simple but pretty.

I love a good leopard print, especially when rendered in bright candy-type colors! I especially like a patterned nail with a shorter length. These were done entirely with OPI polishes by Rosie at Little Nails.

My pal Mary-Heather has been bitten by the nail polish bug too, and I love checking out her various manis on Flickr. This particular look is one I definitely want to try out for myself. She used a basecoat of pale tan, then purple-fied the tips, and added some glitter where the two colors meet for a glam ombré effect. Love!

How great are these bad boys from Daftgirly on Flickr? I'm pretty sure she used one of those Konad-type stamping plates to create the pattern, the end result of which reminds me of a knitted sweater. The olive-and-aqua color scheme is fantastic too.

Mayzie Hart came up with these awesome drippy-tipped nails she calls the "Goosebumps" manicure, inspired by the kiddy book series by the same name. I love the pop of color against the gray basecoat, but these woud be fun to try in a variety of color schemes.

Got any favorite manicure blogs of your own to recommend? Have you made any beauty resolutions of your own? Spill it! (But don't spill the nail polish, it's a bitch to clean up.)