GOOD MORNING, BLOODSICLES: How The Chicest Furs Are Keeping Cool This Fashion Week

Publish date:
September 8, 2011
ask cat

I wrote this post mainly as a joke today to make Emily laugh and now I guess we're running it. So it's really really hot and disgusting here in New York still, and this morning I was watching the news and thought I hallucinated a crazy news item about BLOODSICLES: juicy iced blood popsicles that all the hottest zoo animals are gnawing on to keep cool. TRENDING!

"With cities all over the country hitting record high temperatures, it’s not just humans who are feeling the heat. Zoos are finding creative and effective ways to keep their animals cool and comfortable despite the rising mercury.

One of the most interesting: The bloodsicle. Yep, that’s right, popsicles made of blood. It probably sounds disgusting to you, but to tigers living in places like Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the Minnesota Zoo, it’s a truly tasty treat. 'It's kind of gross, but they like it,' said Diana Weinhardt, who supervises the Northern Trails exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo."

Indeed! I would love myself a boodsicle -- some sort of bloody, meaty chilled bone to chew on while I write these posts, in captivity in my apartment or the office, day after day after day after day ...