Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda: What We Wish We'd Done In 2014

Let's talk about what we didn't get accomplished in 2014, and our varying levels of guilt about it.
Publish date:
December 29, 2014
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'Tis the season for year in review lists, highlights of our accomplishments, and the inevitable "what we'll be doing next year" goal setting.

I say balls to that: Let's talk about what we didn't get accomplished in 2014, and our varying levels of guilt about it. I surveyed the xoJane editors to find out what they wished they'd done this year -- and I definitely sensed some themes.

Claire says she wishes she'd finished her book proposal, and we do too, because then we'd be one step closer to reading it. (No seriously Claire what's your book about?!)

Daisy wishes she'd spent more time skiing, spent more time developing a writing career, and working on her book. "Mostly just the skiing though. I'm a slacker like that," she adds.

Mandy wishes she'd gotten it together on being an early riser instead of an insomniac. Hey Mandy, have you heard of segmented sleep?

Courtney was on track to be an independent superwoman who didn't need a man in her life -- but "instead I made out with randoms at clubs and got back with my ex-boyfriend. So...maybe next year."

Hannah may have nailed it for 2014: She got everything she dreamed of accomplished, except for changing the heels on her gold boots. (Get on it before New Year's, you might want to party in those things!)

Emily wanted to spend more time meditating and refocusing her practice -- in her words, it's "gone to hell".

Laura shared the desire to get in touch with her spiritual side. She also wishes she'd found a better way to manage her depression, stress, and anxiety (including her stress about meeting new dudes!). Another missed goal for 2014: Improving her time management skills.

Lesley failed to go on most of the road trips she'd vaguely planned on taking: "Goal for next year: be less vague, and actually set dates in advance."

Tynan wishes he'd reached his goal of moving to New York this year (much to Madison's dismay), but "there's always next year," he says.

Caitlin had a sort of reverse goal for the year -- she started smoking and wishes she hadn't. "Blame LA," she adds.

Marci wishes she'd written (or at least started) the novel that's been festering in her head (her words, not mine!) for years -- I'm starting to get the impression that Jane's hired an assortment of creative types.

Jane wishes she had started meditating, and adds that she's sad Tynan didn't make it to NYC this year. (I love how Jane's goals are really our goals.)

Rachel says she wanted to uphold the goal she's held for the last four years: "get richer and hotter than I was the year before." So far, it's working out for her -- but she didn't take the Spanish classes she'd been meaning to.

Louise wishes she'd gone to the dentist more, which frankly makes my teeth quiver in my sockets. On a more serious note, though, she regrets not returning phone calls: "A lot of people offered me kindness this year that I didn't take them up on," she says.

As for me? I was really hoping to get better at financial management this year, to spend more time working in the garden, to deal with my mental health more effectively, and to keep up with my correspondence. Oddly enough, all of those things come back around to time management -- so maybe that's really what I should have been focusing on.

Oh also, I wish I'd lived the dream of going skydiving.