GIVEAWAY: 10 Bottles of "Jersey Shore" Star Sammi Sweetheart's AMAZING Vanilla-y Perfume DANGEROUS!

Because WE LOVE YOU! And Sammi Sweetheart does, too. Aww...
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December 23, 2011
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Hi guys! Obviously you read all the deets about Sammi's AMAZING XOJane Makeunder yesterday -- she really IS that crazy-sweet in person!

I just ADORED her. You know, you show up for these things and you never know if the celebrity is going to be a raging bitch or what! I was worried before I met Tinsley Mortimer for our first Makeunder over the summer, too. But in both cases, they were BEYOND sweet! I can't even.

What I didn't mention in yesterday's story, though, was how incredibly good our Sammi smelled up close! Yes, if there is one thing I am passionate about, it is surreptitiously sniffing celebrities -- I've done it to everyone from Anna Wintour to Jennifer Lopez, and rarely do they disappoint. So how did Sammi smell? Sugary-sweet (I'll try not to say sweet again), clean, girly, floral, a little beachy, vaguely edible, and die. She was wearing her own perfume DANGEROUS of course -- and now we have 10 bottles to give away to 10 of our wonderful readers. Hooray!

Here's how to win: follow me on Twitter @cat_marnell, and tweet at me your dream candidate for the next @xojanedotcom #MAKEUNDER. I'll retweet the winners on Christmas Day, Then I'll contact you directly to get your info. Easy, right? And who doesn't love free perfume?And duh, please be sure to tune in to MTV on January 5th for the premiere of "Jersey Shore" Season 5. OBVIOUSLY I will be allll OVER that s**t.