The Day Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers Came to Town

If you're ever worried that your workplace is getting a little too productive, just pull out some Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers.
Publish date:
November 10, 2011
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The other day, when Lesley was here, she made a joke about how she will put anything in her mouth, meaning food, and then I told her that I will also put anything in my mouth, meant in the way that would make a 12-year-old snicker. Because she is not gross and I am.

But really I kind of meant it both ways because in addition to sexual attention, I also love eating stuff! I especially love eating Girl Scout cookies, which is why I was psyched to get these special edish Girl Scout Lipsmackers in cookie flavors.

I promptly forced everyone to stop what they were doing and help me with this important breaking news story. If you're ever worried that your workplace is getting a little too productive, just pull out some Girl Scout Cookie Lip Smackers. Unedited reactions below.

Madeline, on "Coconut Caramel Stripes"

Back in grade school, my friends and I used to dare each other to eat lip balm. My good friend was part of an exclusive all-girls club… membership was granted only if one ingested an entire tube Lip Smackers in front of the other club members. These would have been useful back then!

Olivia, on "Thin Mints"

I got the Thin Mint lip smacker, even though I totally wanted the Samoa one, that is actually called something else, but we all know a Samoa when we see one. I enjoyed my encounter with the Thin Mint in a tube. First off it was green, not really a color I want on my lips ever but I could deal with it because putting it on was a blast! Along with smelling exactly like my favorite freezer held cookie, it made my lips tingle like WOAH in this really awesome menthol-y way. I don’t think they were going for the menthol taste (because Girl Scouts shouldn’t smoke, nobody should), but that’s what it reminded me of. I don’t know how well they hydrated my lips because frankly I put on chapstick of all flavors pretty much all day so I never give em a chance to dry out. Though Lip Smacker being the ol' standby it is, I'm sure it's totally hydrating AND delicious.

Julie, on "Peanut Butter"

I don't eat girl scout cookies, but I do eat peanut butter impostor products, so I'm sort of an expert on this flavor. The scent of this stuff is signature Lip Smacker and very little peanut butter cookie, but it's really hydrating and leaves behind a light sheen that I like. Of all the lip products on my desk right now, this one is getting the most action today, despite the scent disappointment.

Helen, on "Trefoils"

Girl scout cookie flavored Lip Smacker?? In SHORTBREAD?!?!! Took me right back to my early teen days when browsing the drugstore makeup aisle at the mall was considered to be the most exciting after-school activity my girlfriends and I could ever think of. We wore ripped jeans with Converse or Doc Martens, read Sassy magazine, smothered our lips in The Body Shop’s “Beach” lip liner, painted our nails with all kinds of crazy Wet “n Wild colors… and we wore Bonne Bell makeup and Lip Smacker. My flavor of choice? Sponge-on Sparkler in Vanilla Frosting. Which is oh-so reminiscent of this new girl scout shortbread goodness.

Bryan on "Chocolate Peanut Butter"

I obsess over Girl Scout Cookies. I loved them so much as a kid I made my parents beg the local Girl Scout chapter in my home town to let me join them, so I could have constant access to an endless supply of these delectable, sweet morsels. Although I never did achieve my dream of donning the cute and iconic green uniform (yet), I still do love my cookies. Getting older and realizing eating copious amounts of sugar will undoubtedly put a damper on my dating life, I needed a GSC substitute. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Girl Scout Lip Smacker is my favorite thing to touch my lips in a long time. It tastes amazing. So good, I actually have to keep stopping myself from licking the wax right out of the container. I have no idea if this will keep my lips moist, protect them, plump them, stretch them or make them more kissable and I don't care. I am just so happy that I can taste cookies.


You can get the Smackers at Wal-Mart and Claires for $5, and the Girls Scouts of the USA and Lipsmackers will be collabing on lipglosses in cookie flavors in 2012. For my money, the coconut caramel one aka Samoas aka Caramel deLites depending on what region you live in, while representative of my favorite girl scout cookie, was sort of overwhelmingly sweet, but the Trefoil aka Shortbread one was delightful.

Which one do you want the most?