Sh*t to Buy When You're Drunk, It's Two Weeks 'Till the Holidays Edition

We made M&Ms with our logo on them.
Publish date:
December 11, 2016

Chances are the closer the date creeps towards Christmas, or Hanukah (conveniently they both start on the 24th this year), or whatever holiday it is that you celebrate, the less and less it is you care about work and/or school and the more it is that you care about holiday parties and the eggnog that accompanies those festive occasions. Hopefully you're pretty sloshed right now, whether it be thanks to your work's holiday party, a friend's Dirty Santa party or just your normal Saturday night out at the bars.

What you'll see here isn't a gift guide (because you're probably sick of gift guides), but it is a gift guide if you haven't bought any gifts yet. All of these things here were picked by the XO staff for you. Some of these are in fact giftable. Like the shoes that Dan picked, which are obviously for guys. Some of them you would probably not want to gift, like the TV Jane probably is eyeing for her new apartment or the Uniqlo pants Marci is after (some of us believe Sable to have worn a very similar pair already, so clearly our staff is starting to dress alike too). As for those Ariana Grande special edition headphones, you're just going to have to guess which staffer is responsible for that.

This is your weekly place to share that one coveted thing you too wish you could buy or maybe already maxed out your credit card for. Let this be the place that distracts you from your crippling student debt (does anyone else fear nothing more than a call from Sallie Mae like Dan does?) and window shop or actual shop to your heart's desire.

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