16 Gifts for People Who Are Pissed AF About How Much 2016 Totally Sucked

Everything is just bonkers, and now we’re supposed to have a season of good cheer?
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December 7, 2016
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2016 has been really, really rough. It started with way more celebrity deaths in a few months than my heart could handle – Prince! David Bowie! Gene Wilder! – and then went downhill from there. The longest and most soul-crushing presidential election in memory ended with a shocking upset, and while we’re still suffering from that trauma, we’re supposed to be feeling holiday cheer?! WTF.

Truth is, I'm pissed AF. I can’t go on Facebook without seeing some sort of “if you feel this way, delete me!” status, and honestly, every holiday dinner with family or friends so far this season has been a study in holding our breaths and drinking until someone says the wrong thing to someone else and all hell breaks loose. Personally, I shared one status on Facebook once about just accepting and respecting everyone’s feelings and finding a way to move on — and a half dozen people blocked me over THAT.

Everything is just bonkers, and now we’re supposed to have a season of good cheer? Good cheer about what? What are we supposed to be happy and excited about?

Well, let's be excited this shitty-ass year is finally ending. And here are some gift ideas for the person on your list as royally pissed as we all are.

As a last resort, maybe consider the gift of storage? For about $100, you can send professional packers to your home to pack and store your belongings for you. You know, for that special someone that is seriously moving out of the country, or just planning to travel for the next four years.