Things I'm Obsessed With: YouTube Videos, Cleansing Conditioner, And Other Worthy Fixations

Step into my cluttered head, touch anything you want, and tell me if you love them like I love them (ma-a-a-a-ps, wait, you don't love them like I love them).
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August 23, 2015
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Welcome back to the weekend curation of my week's marginalia. Between the lines of work, hosting house guests, and finding time to eat real meals, I have stumbled across and cooed over the following five things. Stumble and coo with me or scroll right through my fixation listicle and talk about whatever makes you purr.

After all, it's Sunday. We've all got work to do tomorrow and we could use some purring because if cats purr at frequencies that "improve bone density and promote healing," then people purring over books and songs and beauty products could, at the very least, slightly elevate a hangover or reduce puffiness or back aches or something.

So, my fellow Sunday-sufferers, let's get our soothing, compulsively fixated purr on in 3...2...

1) Cleansing Conditioners

I have to thank Sable and Marci for the peppermint tingle of my very moisturized scalp and the remarkable still-purple purple of my hair. Last week in the office, they introduced me to cleansing conditioner, specifically -- Pureology Hydrate Cleansing Condition. The conversation went something like this:

ME: My hair is horrendously dry and I don't know what to do about the undercut so I'm just ignoring it to the detriment of my self-esteem.

SABLE: Have you tried a cleansing conditioner?

ME: What is *long distrustful pause* a cleansing conditioner?

SABLE:'s a conditioner that cleanses? It's not as harsh as a shampoo and your hair feels soft after you use it. It just gets rid of build up -- no lather and no brittle after feel. It was all I used when I was bleach blonde.


SABLE: Pureology is actually really good.

ME: You guys are amazing. A faint glimmer of hope is sparking in my chest.

Parts of this exchange were dramatically enacted but it happened on Wednesday and who remembers exactly everything that happened on Wednesday? You know what I remember? Rinsing my hair with Pureology Cleansing Conditioner on Friday and waking up with soft, sea nymph worthy (almost) curls.

2) This Beautiful Man & His Guitar

I had a school friend over for a few days and we spent quite a bit of time smoking cigarettes on my deck and playing our most feverishly adored songs on YouTube. She introduced me to this fine-boned music god who goes by Shakey Graves:

Graves is wearing skinny jeans and tapping a tambourine with a foot sheathed in a perfect leather boot. He is contorting his fingers in a way that makes me feel things that I don't understand. If the guys in Mumford and Sons were all growly lushness and quick fingers and jaunty exuberance, they would be Shakey Graves.

3) Pores (And, By Association, Primers)

I am not usually a primer person, but beach days and a general state of ALWAYS SWEATING has forced me to confront my pores.

We had a confrontation.

My pores were victorious -- obvious to the naked eye, exfoliant resistant, and immune to face masks -- and so I've joined #teamprimer.

My most recent face-based (and TooFaced!) obsession is two-fold:

a) Primer conceals the shameless, brash presence of pores on my nose and chin. TooFaced Primed and Poreless Primer smoothes out all the bumps (and there are uncountable tiny bumps right now. I've got gooseflesh face and while I refuse to take responsibility for whatever image just popped into your head, you have my sympathies).

b) Primer keeps the rest of my makeup -- mostly bronzer and defusing powder because anything else will melt off my face -- in place.

BONUS OBSESSION: TooFaced also makes a shadow primer which I'm sure you've all heard of so I won't bore you with the details. What I WILL say is that it's wonderful, even without shadow, for when you know your furrowed brow is going to sweat a bit and smeary mascara eyelids are an inevitability.

4) The History of Fashion (Magazines)

I have Sylvia to thank for this one. I finished Pain, Parties, Work this week and I am still afterglow-y. Winder's Plath is in the full flush of her own prettiness. She is the quintessential glossy young NYC writer -- she stays out late and drinks and dances and flirts with beautiful boys and guest edits an incredible magazine.

Plath brought me to lady mags from days of yore.

How could you not fall (at least) half in love with a time when interviews with J.D Salinger and stories by William Faulkner and Alice Munro were pages away from a fashion spread? I've been hunting down tomes that give Mademoiselle and early editions of Elle and Vogue a little bit of dreamy historical context, including, but not limited to:

5) NAILS INC. NailKale

All us xoJane folk have a favorite way to adorn our fingernails: Tynan swears by the longevity of Butter London, Marianne is a ride-or-die glitter polish enthusiast, and Caitlin digs (with reservations) acrylics. I have written about my habitual and destructive fingernail compulsions before and now I'm going to sing the praises of lacquer that makes it look like I'm not too embarrassed to go a manicure (I am, by the way, too embarrassed to go get a manicure. My nails are still horrendous).

Glossy enough to pass, from a distance, as a gel job (#nouvlightrequired), Nail Kale has a fairly thick, but forgiving consistency. If your first swipe is sloppy, the second will conceal the error as if it never happened.

I'm not going to show you how good this polish looks because my cuticles are bandaged (in very cool Mickey Mouse bandaids) on account of a very rough work week, but NEXT WEEK, I promise you my chewed and kind-of-manicured nails.

Do you prime your face, bite your nails or cleanse your scalp with conditioner? Tell me, tell me, tell me because I am a selfish creature and want all your attention in the comments.

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