Childhood Halloween Costumes of xoJane

The cutest and funniest childhood Halloween costumes of our contributors and readers.
Publish date:
October 20, 2011
halloween, costumes, reader participation

These days it's all boobs and garter belts, but once upon a time I actually had some pretty creative, if poorly executed, Halloween costumes. I'm looking at you, California Raisin costume consisting of a garbage bag and white gloves.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a picture of that one, or the butterfly with giant posterboard wings that prevented me from fitting into people's doorways without turning sideways while trick-or-treating. My mother diplomatically says, "That one never really worked."

But I did find a few classic costume pics, and invited our contributors and treasured readers to send in their funniest/cutest childhood costumes for your enjoyment/ridicule.