FRIDAY FUNDAY: XoJane Office Style à la

A super sexy peek into what we wear to work at xoJane HQ. Joyful Friday!
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December 9, 2011
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Happy Friday, y'all! Last night was our company holiday party... Bryan and I drank a lot of Ketel One and ate chocolate covered gingerbread cookies. I tried very very hard all night to convince him to get up on stage with the karaoke machine (to no avail). It was exhausting! The night culminated with half the company at the Turkey's Nest in Williamsburg (it was recently deemed "a public health hazard") -- we were drinking Bud from styrofoam cups and we ordered pizza to the bar. It was sloppy and awesome, and I'm a little burnt out.

But all that aside, it's Friday and we have to have FUN. So -- did you see that yesterday xoJane was feature on Racked's "Working It" feature? We loved the piece! In a perfect world, there would have been room for all of our staff -- so in my little Friday Utopia I'm extending the Racked piece and featuring everyone on staff (wish you were here, Lesley!). Consider this the offical insiders' supplement.

Helene Bellemare, Fashion Assistant

Helene is wearing a button-down by Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker, red pants from Zara, shoes by Aldo, and a necklace by Aldo

Helene's Style Advice: Less is more! I'm not a huge fan of gimmicky looks and I love the effortless vibe. I've always believed that looking amazing is all about feeling comfortable in what you are wearing, so wear what ever makes you feel like yourself. Not every trend that comes along is meant to be tried by everyone -- even if you think it's cute on other people, if it doesn't feel right on you it's probably because it's not. So listen to yourself when you're getting dressed or when you're shopping -- there is DEFINITELY a way to make BFFs out of comfort and style.

Shanna Gupta, Product Manager [A blurry pic of a seriously beautiful girl]

Shanna is wearing Citizens of Humanity jeans, a Theory tank, a Banana Republic cardigan, a (super-fuzzy and soft!), an alice + olivia cashmere sweater, and Vince Camuto booties.

Shanna's style advice: I wouldn't consider myself stylish but I always try to look cute the day after a long night out. Makes you feel refreshed and awake even if you're tired, craving bagels and Bloody Marys (plural).

Julie Schott, Beauty Assistant

I'm sick today and just had my skin renovated with Dr. Schultz of Derm TV so I'm hiding my face with a Yankees fitted and Phillip Lim Sunnies that my designer friend Frankie gave me. I'm wearing a vintage sweater that Madeline says "no one else could wear" but I'm not sure if I should either actually. Underneath I've got on a Kain tank -- they're the best -- and then Current/Elliott skinnies that I haven't worn in a few years and my Rag & Bone boots.

Olivia Hall, Editorial Administrative Assistant

Olivia is wearing DKNY Oversized Shirt, Forever 21 leggings, Frye boots, and vintage jewelry.

Olivia's Style Advice: It's always better to be overdressed than underdressed. I wear a lot of blacks and dark colors but I don’t think everybody should. Never go out of the house if you don’t feel like you like your outfit. But if you are a in little pain or feel a bit cold, it's probably a good thing. Take your shoes seriously. Buy a lot of cheap ones because they go out of fashion so fast.

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