Forget Resolutions – You're Already Awesome (Even More So With My Guide To Sex Hair)!

I may be elbow deep in a grab bag of Monster Munch come Monday, but I'll have these gems to remind that while I'm be shit at new year diets, I'm not actually shit at everything.
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January 4, 2013

I read the xoJaners' resolutions and between virtually high-fiving Olivia and guffawing, as ever, with Stevie, I actually felt a tiny stab of sadness.

Each resolution I've heard this year has been a little dig at ourselves. A way to say 'I fucked up last year, I promise to be better now,' but what's really changed since 2012? 365 days have passed, then maybe some champagne was downed and a nation counted backwards from ten, but you're still the same slightly flawed person you were in 2012 and that's ok.

That person almost certainly did a lot of awesome last year, too. Brilliant, worthwhile stuff that stopped you from tap dancing, saving or writing a novel. We're busy women, we have lives and responsibilities and we need to give ourselves a damn break.

So I’ve compiled my list of New Year's re-do-lutions... things I'm proud to have bossed in 2012 and that I vow to continue to do in 2013, and hopefully for the rest of my life. Because I may be elbow deep in a grab bag of Monster Munch come Monday, but I'll have these gems to remind me that, while I'm shit at New Year diets, I'm not actually shit at everything.

Being an awesome auntieYou know who doesn't think I'm rubbish? My nephew. That little three-year-old ball of cuteness will even call me his best friend if he's been tickled enough and his Daddy's not around. He may not live nearby, but I will sure as hell make time to visit him, read to him, travel two hours to babysit, track down sold-out Buzz Lightyear costume pyjamas for his birthday and be a big part of his life. And I'm cooler than his mum.

Multi-taskingI currently manage four clients, write freelance, see my mates, visit my family, spend quality time with a boyfriend, wash my hair, food shop, cook from scratch, bake, brush my teeth, brush my hair, make the bed and sleep. So what if I sometimes sleep with my make-up on, haven't used my gym membership in six months and rarely dust. Life's hard, something's got to give. It will have to be the waistband on my Topshop Jamies (actually happened).

Seeing friendsNot the sitcom, though I've seen plenty of that in 2012 too. Sadly I haven’t completed my 2012 resolution to add a sophisticated older lady (think Lumley) and worldly-wise homosexual born before 1955 to my friendship group, but I can say that my close friendships are stronger than ever thanks to investing time and effort this year. Sure, there are still people I'd love to see more of, but scheduling dinners and using spare evenings to catch up has really paid off.

Having a hobbyBefore 2012, my only hobbies were closely following the lives of the Kardashians, painting my nails and reading xoJane. That’s a fact. But last year I joined a choir, that I’m now committed to, love, learn a lot from and made new friends through (though sadly none of the aforementioned elder gays. Where are you all my life?)

Perfecting bed headWith the world’s flattest, straightest hair, ‘beachy waves’ seemed a far flung dream until I developed a tried and tested method that doesn’t even use tongs. Step one – wash hair. Step two – towel dry. Step three – comb. Step four – add Bumble and Bumble hair (un)dressing crème sparingly or their Surf Spray liberally. Step five – AIR DRY. This is the important step. I know it’s cold out, just sit next to the radiator and sort of fluff it up a bit. Step six – look like Kate Moss. Step seven – thank me.

So, what have you been awesome at this year? Don't let me be the only one tooting my own horn.

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