RECIPE OF THE WEEK: Your Favorite Foods to Eat All By Yourself

What foods do you enjoy solo? Is it cheese and carbs?
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November 12, 2015
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Oh you beautiful, beautiful geniuses. Last week's pizza-themed Recipe of the Week will go down in the history books as one of the most glorious discussions to ever be held on the internet.

There were traditional pizzas and not so traditional pizzas, but they were all beautiful in my eyes. The winning comment (from misssincerely) was a double whammy of deliciousness:

prosciutto, arugula, mozz, and shaved parm. DONE no other pizza required.

Except...I did make this breakfast pizza the other day. Official consensus is that homemade dough not super worth it - even with letting it rise overnight! I'll take the TJ's stuff over my own. Toppings include: potatoes, bacon, arugula, fresh mozzarella, eggs (of course), some zucchini thrown in there as well. I can't remember it all! It was tasty.

The comment came with this little piece of food porn.

Since misssincerely provided a visual for the breakfast pizza, I made the prosciutto/mozz/parm/arugula situation. I started by whipping up a little sauce.

And then I went to the gym with my dad while my stepmom (very generously) made some pizza dough. We were going to just buy the dough, but could not find a grocer in this particular area of Mississippi that sold fresh pizza dough.

Anyway, once my father decided I had done enough gym stuff for the evening, we went home and I put the tasty toppings on the lovingly-prepared dough.

I'm going to be honest, I probably could have left it in there a little while longer, but we were very hungry from all of the gym stuff.

*heart eyes emoji*

It was a tasty pizza pie, and the whole family enjoyed it. For bringing this type of joy into our life, misssincerely gets a trophy, and that trophy is "Dirty Dream Number Two" by Belle & Sebastian because, let's face it, these pizza recipes are basically erotica. (AND you supplied TWO pizza recipes! So. That ties in as well!)

Moving right along. I love it when you guys suggest topics, and this week's is a really good suggestion:

If that comes up a little small on your screen, the gist is that DonutEverLetMeGo has a pizza named "BBQ Feta Pizza I Eat Alone," and martini kiss was like "cool name, and Ella May was like "This should be the next ROTW, I'd love to see people's alone recipes!" and then I was like "yes please."

So that's what we're doing. Recipes that you make all for yourself and share with no one. My personal favorite is something I like to call "Bad Breath Nachos" which is is basically a pile of potato chips with blue cheese melted on them in the oven, topped with red onion, horseradish cream, and balsamic reduction. It does not photograph well, but it is delicious.

What foods do you enjoy solo? Is it cheese and carbs? I bet it's some form of cheese and carbs.