IMPORTANT WEEKEND QUESTION: What First Made You Feel Like An Adult?

Nothing says you’re the one in charge here like stripping down a crying, vomit-covered toddler.
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June 7, 2015
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I full believe that most of us who are technical "adults" are all walking around feeling like confused woman-and-man-babies strapped into business casual with like, a couple of other babies stacked up underneath us to make us look tall.

In my case, it doesn't help that I'm living alone for the first time and am perplexed by tasks like "buy and install air conditioners."

Of course, having a kid has been a significant game-changer in this arrangement for me. I still walk around feeling like I have no idea what I'm doing, unlike all the other mothers in the world who have it perfectly together.

Still, nothing says you’re the one in charge here than stripping a crying, vomit-covered toddler down,washing him, rinsing the sheets, remaking the bed, and getting everybody back to sleep. Or standing at the emergency at 3 am bouncing a screaming baby on your hip with a 103 fever. (That vomit thing, though. I swear there's some weird mom vomit immunity where you just jump in there. I scooped puke out of my kid's ear once.)

But there have been many milestones along the way that have made me feel, at least momentarily, like a member of the adult human race. A few below.

Buying my own drugs: I know, this one makes me a bad example, but something about having my own little stash in my own little drug drawer made me feel like a grown-ass woman. CHILDREN bum cocaine at parties.

Having a desk with a phone on it: I'd been sitting at desks for most of my school career. And I'd even worked some freelance jobs where I sat at a free desk. But when I got my first full-time, salaried job, and they plunked me down at my OWN desk that had a PHONE on it with a PHONE NUMBER at which someone could make personal calls to me, I felt grown-up as shit. Getting my first non-hourly paycheck was pretty epic too

Sending my laundry out to be done: At some point I decided that my time was actually worth more than the savings made by sitting at the laundromat doing my own laundry and I started leaving it there, to be returned to me in a much smaller, meticulously folded bag. I know this may not make sense to those of you who live in normal places here you have things like washers and dryers in your homes, but it's a big deal here.

Hiring an accountant to do my taxes: GAME. CHANGER. I started sending mine to an accountant probably 5 years ago and it is the best. I don't have to stress about any of it, I just pay him 300 dollars and he handles it all, PLUS gets me way more money back than I would if I used TurboTax or something.

OK these are just a few little ones. Most of mine involved money, but yours don't have to. What moments in your life have made you feel like an actual real G-D adult? Or do you feel like one all the time? Never?