F*ck I’m In My Twenties is now a book, and we've got one to give away

Also: my early twenties were RUBBISH. Did anyone else get this?
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September 4, 2012
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One of the more depressing points in my adult life was the bit straight after university, when I couldn’t convince anyone to pay me a living wage (or a none-living wage for that matter), and had to move back in with my parents for 18 months.

I got over the pain of my early 20s by dressing like Frank Spencer and Bet Lynch's love child...

My lack of employment/finance issues were exacerbated by the fact that while at uni I’d spent all of my money, plus some of the bank’s on excessively pointy kitten-heeled shoes and pitchers of Long Island Iced Tea from an unnamed Leicester Square bar (give me a break, it was the early noughties, and I didn’t know any better).

Yes, I know I was very luck to have parents who lived in London, and that this was pre-recession, so there were actually jobs out there - the alternative could have been stacking supermarket shelves in Solihull, or selling accidental death insurance over the phone. But that doesn't mean I enjoyed it.

HOWEVER, the one thing I thank my lucky stars for is the fact that Facebook hadn’t been invented at this point, Twitter was just a twinkle in Jack Dorsey’s eye, and MySpace was more about stalking musicians than smug boasting about the organic rocket and bacon sandwich you/I/we had for brunch on Saturday in Shoreditch.

Because that moment when you become an official adult, and everything is meant to fall into place but just doesn’t, is hard enough, without going online and discovering that everyone else is having an amazing time without you.

Courtesy of Fuck I'm In My Twenties

So Emma Koenig, author of Fuck! I’m In My Twenties, I feel your pain. Her brilliant blog, which charts the point when your life becomes about responsibility and being a grown up without any of the pay-off has become a definite Internet thing, and is being made into a book this month.

Sound familiar? Courtesy of Fuck I'm In My Twenties

As one of the founders of feminist zine and blog Pamflet (check it out – it’s amazing), Phoebe will be co-hosting the launch party for the book with publishers this Thursday at Drink Shop Do in King’s Cross.

So come along one and all (although not me, I’m going a wedding. One of the downsides of being almost out of my twenties is that I've suddenly started going to an obscene amount of weddings).

AND IF THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, we’ve also got a copy of the book F*ck I’m In My Twenties to give away. I’m holding it here in my hot little hand, and can confirm that’s ace, and comes complete with over 50% new material, folks!

I know I look a bit terse here, but the book really is very good...

Now I’ve stopped sounding like a retro American infomercial, simply email for your chance to win the book.

And don’t forget to come along on Thursday night, say hi to Ms Frangoul, and let me know afterwards what a Quarter Life Crisis Cocktail tastes like.