Tell Us About Your Favourite Christmas Board Games

There's nothing better than a slightly drunken, aggressively competitive Boxing Day game of Monopoly with the family amiright? We asked our delightful contributors to reveal their favourite festive board games...
Publish date:
December 27, 2012
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RebeccaIt's wildly unoriginal, but I love Scrabble. Mainly I love rude word scrabble, which I'm excellent at. My mum's less of a fan, though.

Alison TaylorIs there a Christmas board game? I do love a game of Triv at Christmas. Preferably pissed. Pissed Triv. Or rude Scrabble (rude/swear words only).

Allan MottI can’t think of any specifically Christmas-themed games we ever played, but Trivial Pursuit ruled in our house and I love it because it’s one of the few games where I usually have an advantage.

SiamI’m not sure it’s a traditional Christmas board game, but I absolutely love a game of Rummikub. If you haven’t heard of it you need to get to know. I love it for one reason, and one reason only; I ALWAYS win.

DaniIt's always Scrabble. I still get a kick out of making the words boobs and arse and arguing that cockbuiscuit is a real word.

Squeamish KateI don't play board or card games because I am both competitive and rubbish at them. I will play Cluedo. If I can be Miss Scarlet.

OliviaErm. Historically I have been too fucked up at Christmas to play a board game, or everyone has argued and gone into separate rooms, so I'll skip past that one. Again, depressing.

SallyNone. I’m beginning to wonder what we actually do.


HattiePANDEMIC. Oh god this game is addictive. I mean I really should say my dad's board game: Elemensus and give him some publicity but I loooooove (and fear) anything zombie related and in pandemic you're attempting to control outbreaks of a virus and you nearly always lose! It takes super team work and strategy to win.

AlisandeBoard games aren’t traditionally part of Christmas for me. My brother and I do like quizzes, though. You can play them on the Playstation without the added horror of “amusing” forfeits.

PhoebeIt's got to be Trivial Pursuits for me too, although I am partial to a game of Scrabble too (though never rude! what is wrong with you people?) I get very competitive when it comes to board games and take great pleasure in thrashing my quaking opponents and gloating over victories. One year my mum tried to introduce a new game to the festivities - the woeful 'Cranium' - howls of protest led to it being stuffed into the darkest corner of the cupboard under the stairs.

Do you always play the Top Hat in Monopoly? Tell us your Christmas Day family traditions!