I'll Be Spending Thanksgiving Alone in a New Place With No Furniture -- But It's Not All Bad

When it's dark and I'm cold and there are weird noises all around, I feel a little sad. It's been a long time since I've lived alone, after all.
Publish date:
November 25, 2015
being alone, moving away, cold weather

So, I live in Alexandria, VA, now.

I like it so far; it's a beautiful place, if a cold one. The weather is definitely outside my usual experience but I bought a wool coat and I've got a scarf and a hat (though I haven't adjusted to wearing the hat yet). I need gloves.

It all seems funny to the people around me; I know most of the U.S. at least deals with fall and winter weather all the time. But the Floridian in me is shocked that even when it is sunny, the air is still cold. It's like betrayal by climate!

That's hyperbole, of course. I don't really feel betrayed so much as I'm just muddling through layering and warm socks and whether or not it's worth it to leave the condo for food after I've finally gotten warm again.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but I will be alone. Ed is still in Florida with our pets. I've been making him send me pictures of the dog on a daily basis at least. It's hardly the first holiday I've spent by myself. I look forward to spending the day lazing about on my inflatable mattress and reading, unlike that time I went to Denny's for Thanksgiving dinner and wound up surrounded by divorced dads and their kids. There were a lot of awkward meals going on that day, but at least everyone was trying to get along.

The inflatable mattress (which is shockingly comfortable, go, Serta) is the only place to sit other than the floor right now. I don't have any pots or pans - or a microwave - so I've been eating lunch meat and pickles and tiny mandarin oranges. The staircase is also a great picnic spot. Tonight, I will lounge on the stairs and knit.

When it's dark and I'm cold and there are weird noises all around, I feel a little sad. It's been a long time since I've lived alone, after all. But in the mornings, when I stand over the kitchen sink and eat a yogurt with my lone spoon that I had to buy so I'd have something with which to eat yogurt, I don't feel lonely or anything. I've had dinners with friends and am making plans with other folks and there's just so much to do! It's way awesome here, and I am so excited by that during the daylight hours.

This makes me think I probably need a light box.

Ed will be here soon enough and everything will be delightful (and, I'm sure, stressful in a different way) chaos once again. It's been a good adventure to spend a little time to myself though, a much-appreciated reminder of how good and comfortable many parts of my life are.

In the meantime, though, dang. I really do need some gloves. And if you've got recommendations, I'm ready to hear them. Or should I just knit some? Are knitted gloves better than fancy REI thinsulate gloves? My fingers need to know!