The "Shadow Period" of Mercury Retrograde Is Looming in This Week's Emoji Horoscopes

Please tell me I'm not the only one that this happens to.
Publish date:
March 6, 2016

There's no stranger feeling than coming back from a vacation, or a business trip, or a weekend away, or a long lunch, to begin working again. Whenever I get back from a trip and head in on that first day, I seem to just stare at my computer screen for the first two hours in bewilderment. It's like I've forgotten how to use a computer, craft words that form responses to e-mails, and my knowledge of something I've been using daily for the last 12 years — Facebook — just disappears. After returning to work following my trip to Cuba (there are lots of stories to tell...more on that soon), even my computer was in sync with my post-vacation brain and refused to function for the first 5-6 hours that day. "They" tell you it's not required to restart a Mac, but we all know you really do...

For me, I've noticed another pattern about either being on or coming back from a trip that could not wait to rear its ugly head for me again this week: Everything you think you know going to shit.

In the past, I've taken plane rides and had my direct reports quit while I was mid-air. This has happened on basically every vacation or business trip I've ever taken. Someone always quits. In fact, thinking back, the last time I came back from vacation after Christmas was when Lesley revealed to us she was quitting (Thankfully we still have her contributing to the site, so it wasn't as bad as it seemed at the time.). I had a friend fly from New York to Paris once to find out her grandfather in Honolulu was on his death bed. She got to CDG and had to turn around and hop on a flight to Honolulu.

Has stuff like this happened to everyone else too?

I was sitting in the chair at Fox & Jane salon later this week when Matt, my awesome hairdresser, was telling me this could all be related to the "shadow period" of Mercury Retrograde. I had never heard of this shadow period before and I am too scared to ask around if it's true or not (is it?), but either way it can be assumed that Mercury Retrograde and its shadow period mean we are living in a constant state of Mercury. The ability for things to go right just simply does not exist then.

Thankfully no one quit this week but my return to work slapped me in the face in a whole new way. I found out that someone I admire very much will be leaving my work life, very much against my will. And it's always an uneasy feeling when someone you admire leaves your life. It leaves you feeling like you're not sure of what the future holds...which is why I guess we look to things like horoscopes in the first place.

Beyond the horoscopes, though, I will be using other kinds of coping mechanisms to deal. I found it quite ironic that Claire's That One Drink post was basically a Cuba Libre this week (the Mojito gets all the glory, but this Cuban rum and coke drink is really what I enjoyed drinking down there). It was also poetic when a shipment of one of my favorite Chardonnays, Cambria, was sitting on my desk chair on Friday afternoon. Suffice to say, I've been boozin' on all the Havana Club I could legally bring back and white wine...which creates virtually no hangover might I add.

I hope your week wasn't as weird as mine was, but either way, here's a preview of what's to come...