This Actually Happened to Me: A Reader Dressed Up As Me For Halloween

Seriously! She really did!
Publish date:
November 1, 2011
clothes, flattery, halloween, costumes

There are a few hallmarks on fame that let you know you've really made it -- hosting SNL, being parodied on "The Simpsons," having an action figure made in your likeness and of course, being imitated by drag queens, which is the secret lighthouse guiding this little ship daily.

I am not that close to any of the above happening, BUT, I am now offiially a Halloween costume, in at least one reader's possibly deranged mind. I got this email in my inbox this morning:

Hi Emily! Attached are photos of my Emily McCombs Halloween costume - homemade because you can't get them in stores (yet). I live in Boston and planned to go visit a friend in Brooklyn for Halloween. She and another visiting friend are, like me, avid xojane readers, and I in particular am obsessed with everything you write. One day while getting ready for work I accidentally brushed my hair into something of a beehive, thought, "Hey, I look kind of like Emily in that Amy Winehouse DIY Beehive Tutorial," and suddenly realized I HAD MY HALLOWEEN IDEA.

I made your tattoos on Paintbrush (Mac version of Paint) and printed them on temporary tattoo paper, paired a polka dotted top with a pencil skirt, and wore high heels even though I'm 5'10" because, hello, DO THIS DON'T!

Then I taped on an xoEmily nametag and, of course, beehived my hair with a mini loofah after scouring every Target in the Boston area for a hair rat. A little red lipstick and illuminator and I was good to go!

When people asked who I was I told them breathlessly "EMILY MCCOMBS SHE WRITES FOR XOJANE" and depending on the amount of time/how well I knew the person I went into more detail about posts, former writing, etc. I also made out with someone dressed as the Count after he told me that you sounded great and that he liked when girls were taller than him.Happy Halloween!Amy