Say Something Nice: ELIN KLING IS A BOSS

Plus, I totally conjured her up this morning on Crosby Street!
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February 29, 2012
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Get ready for a little piece of

"Say Something Nice On the Internet Day"

craziness, you guys. This morning I was walking down Crosby Street after a meeting with

Infinity Sun

, when I spied my subject,

Elin Kling

, across the street. Yes, I was planning on saying something nice about Elin on the internet and then I actually


her up.

Then I did what I always do for


when I see famous people that I care about.

"Elin?" I said, from the other side of the street, as though recognizing a friend I hadn't seen in a few months. She was nice enough to let me take a picture even though she wasn't wearing makeup.

If you don't follow Elin's work, you might assume she's just a downtown It-girl, but this Swedish import heads up her own style empire. The founder of fashion website

Style By Kling

and magazine


, Elin is also the first "blogger" to design

her own clothing line for H&M

. But I think blogger is an online slur, so I would never call her that. She also has a collection called


inspired by her signature aesthetic. The picture above is a perfect example.

While Elin could easily stick to swanning around looking slouchy and awesome in clothes, she actually uses her style and creativity to produce things. Oh, and if I could closet-swap

Freaky Friday

style with anyone in the world,

the world

, it would be Elin.

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