Open Thread: What Is Your Earliest Creative Experience?

I'm doing a live podcast tomorrow where I have to answer that question, and I have no idea. Or maybe I have TOO many ideas.
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July 1, 2013
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I'm doing a live podcast tomorrow night called "Beginnings" where creative types have to answer the question of: What is your earliest creative experience?

It's at UCB East at 8 p.m. (only $5! come on out!), and the full line up is: Talib Kweli (Black Star), Wyatt Cenac (Daily Show), musical guest Xenia Rubinos (Ba Da Bing Records) & guest co-host Nick Vatterott (Comedy Central Half Hour). And me. You can buy tickets here.

But I'm not really sure what my answer is. Here are a few of the answers I've thought of.

-- Creating my own language that I called "Mandglish" when I was 11.

-- Speaking "horse talk" (you put an "IVE" in front of every vowel) with my friends when I was 9.

-- Writing a soap opera serial called "Promises" with a friend of mine when I was 13.

-- Putting on little plays with the neighbor kids when I was 8, and then at the end I raised my bangs up with my hair to reveal smudged eyeliner that I pretended was a bullet and then I died. (A lot of my stories ended with people dying as it was a clean out.)

-- Pretending to be a fairy princess when I was 5 and ruling my own kingdom.

-- Oh, and then there's this Christmas card I drew. It's Santa and a reindeer. OBVIOUSLY.

I kind of want to go with Mandglish. But I'm torn.

What is your earliest creative experience? Bonus points if you too spoke horse talk when you were a kid.


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