Drinking at the Party: Madeline x Julie x Topshop

Plus, a stomach-turning glimpse inside my mouth!
Publish date:
June 8, 2012
topshop, DATO, Thompson Hotel, Bulldog Gin

Last night Madeline, Olivia and I went to The Thompson LES Hotel for a Topshop party to celebrate the opening of their poolside popup shop. I snagged this camoflage pullover because I will buy everything and anything in this print. It's available in store and online as well.

Camoflage Sweater, $72

The bar was serving up these Bulldog Gin infused Bellinis that had me blacked out after two sips as I haven't eaten solid food since Tuesday when I had mouth surgery. Unfortunately I'm not getting much sympathy as everyone I complain to assumes it was cosmetic. I wish! For the record I have receding gums and they're genetic. OK, enough about disgusting dental work -- let's watch the video already!

Madeline was giving me major Wrap It Up. Can you tell? What did you think of DATO's new location? Should we go somewhere else next week? Where?!

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