Do You Decorate Your House In Lights?

Show me a house decked in lights and I will show you some holiday spirit, dang it.
Publish date:
December 14, 2014
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Do you remember that "Deck the Halls" movie? It was kind of terrible as Christmas movies go. I saw it in the theater because Ed (my husband) had just moved in with me and we'd gone to visit my dad for Christmas and movies on Christmas afternoon is a thing.

I really wanted to like it though -- I'm pretty whatever about Matthew Broderick (though I usually like Danny DeVito) but I am super into Christmas lights and them being all over houses. Perhaps my priorities are not in order but I stand by them because it's way easier to drive around neighborhoods and find Christmas lights than it is to drive around and find Matthew Broderick.

Though maybe that depends on where you live.

One of the best things about living in the smallish North Florida town that I lived in during high school was that the newspaper published a route you could follow to see all of the best lights in town. There was one house that was so outrageous you had to drive through the display on their property.

That was some kind of magic.

There are a couple of places here that go all out; some of them are private homes and some of them are businesses. I go out of my way every couple of nights to take a cruise around and check out what's developed since the last time I drove around.

Yes, I go through a lot of gasoline but it's a good excuse to spend half an hour singing Christmas carols.

We don't really decorate our house. Which is a shame, at least in my book. But also it seems pretty impractical to go all out on a house we don't own. I'm not sure why that makes such an emotional difference but it's still a factor.

(This is also, if I'm being honest, the time of year when my utility bill is the lowest. A ton of lights would jack that back up.)

I imagine lights like these might be even more beautiful with snow. But that's entirely supposition because I've never lived anywhere with snow. I don't actually know, now that I think about it, if people in places that get a lot of snow put lights on their houses. I mean, I think you do? Can you please confirm or deny?

A couple of years ago, a local house had animatronic flamingo Christmas statuettes. I think those are the best things I have ever seen. I'm not sure anything will ever top them, though I do love a good classic palm tree wrapped in white and green lights.

Other favorites: flashing snowflake lights, super intense white and blue LED Christmas lights, retro lights on the roofline.

What about you? Do you have a hierarchy of holiday lighting that you prefer? Is your neighborhood ablaze with festivity right now?